Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pattaya 2014 | Go ga-ga over beef

Hubby was really hunting down the good beef noodles while in Thailand.  In Pattaya, we tried out few places of their beef noodles, but we both agreed that these 2 were serving great beef noodles.  But one thing about noodles in Thailand, they usually served those mee hoon and kuaw tiaw look alike as their noodles.  They called mee hoon and kuaw tiaw noodles as well.  We were confused by their noodles.

We stayed in Sabai Resort which is located at the Pattaya 2nd Road. This road is very long and it stretched more than 1km.  On 2nd day in Pattaya, we walked at the Beach Road, along side the Pattaya Bay beach.  We did not walk much along the Pattaya 2nd Road, but we took tuk tuk and paid THB10 per person for tuk tuk to drive around the Pattaya 2nd road and Beach Road.

After our tiring 2nd day walking in Pattaya, we decided to try out the food stall in between Sabai Resort and Alcazar building. Hubby ordered this super disgusting beef soup for sharing and ended up we did not touch any of the innards. THB100 per bowl. Hubby picked this dish from the photo displayed, thinking it was beef soup. So, sometimes photos can be misleading too.

Do you dare or like to taste this bowl of cow's innards soup?

On 3rd day, when our feet were getting better, we walked a bit along Pattaya 2nd road and looked around.  We bought some shirts and clothings that day.  And also tried out some beef noodle in Boat Bakery for a early dinner.
The Boat Bakery served Western and local food.  We tasted its Beef Noodle soup (THB55) and Pork Noodle soup (THB45).  The soups were sweet and alright to me.  I think the Thai loves to eat sweet thing.  The iced milk tea they served here was rather sweet for me.  We take-away its Bacon Egg and Double Cheese burger (THB60) which was pretty good.

Boat Bakery with a restaurant right next to it

Chunky beef with noodle soup

Thai pork noodle that tasted sweet

The yummy bacon egg and double cheese burger

In the evening, after few drink in a go-go bar, we decided to take a ride in tuk tuk around the area.  It was jam that night as the next day, Pattaya Music Fest was held for 3 days in Beach Road.  But that did not stopped us from enjoying our last night in Pattaya, looking and enjoying the night light and happenings.

It was around 11pm when we hopped down at the Pattaya 2nd road.  We were both hungry so we were looking for supper and after about 15 minutes walk we found a Chinese Restaurant. This Chinese Restaurant is opposite Boat Bakery, same row with Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum.  Next to the restaurant is a night market.

Beef noodle soup

Yummy cold dish

A very exclusive Chinese Restaurant as they served shark fin soup and Chinese dishes.  Hubby just wanted to eat beef noodle so we tried its beef noodle and I ordered white porridge and pork ham cold dish.  I like the ham cold dish, and I ate a lot with my white porridge.  Or probably I were too hungry??  Lol!  Total THB700 for our supper plus drink.  Chinese tea is free of charge.  If we have time, we will definitely come back here to try other dish, but time is our constraint.


suituapui said...

Looks nice. I love beef stomach and the tendons too.

Small Kucing said...

making me drool. i love the food lah

Somewhere in Singapore said...

The burger makes me drooling...

mun said...

How is their noodle different? More elastic like our tong hoon here?

The innards look like kidney. I eat innards like livers and stomachs but not kidneys.

Rose said...

Some is nice, fine and smooth. Some is rough and bigger than vermicelli. The kuaw tiaw is bigger than ours. Like those kuaw in kuaw chap.

Azura Chan said...

Now that's all about beef post. hehe... Enjoy the food? Bet you're missing local food during vacation. :)

Princess Ribbon said...

I dare to try anything, be it innards or not.. I eat pork innards, chicken innards, so what is beef innards, right? Hehehe..

Rose said...

I missed our Malaysian food actually. Kolok mee, laksa, fried kuaw tiaw, nasi lemak etc.

Rose said...

You are adventurous and daring girl. Innards got to be my fear factor!

wenn said...

my kids would love it but not me as I don't take beef.

Angeline BK said...

Hmm, usually I'll go for pork whenever I'm at Hatyai. Havne't been to BKK, but definitely will try their Beef noodle and whatsoever innards.Should taste some too.