Saturday, March 1, 2014

I eat

We have been staying in Sibu for 8 months now. More or less settled down.  The kids are adapting to the environment well and I am glad that the transition was smooth, without much hassle.  If you ask me whether I have learnt any Foochow words, sorry to disappoint you.  I still having some problem remembering the numbers and certain words in Foochow.  Can understand few words, but totally cannot speak the dialect. I am a total loser when it comes to languages.
As for food, I did tried out the local food such as dian meng ngu.  It is a kind of sliced noodle made from rice served with fish balls and veggies. I went to the old town on Thursday morning.  Hubby was catching a flight to Johor so he suggested to eat in the town as he wanted to tapau kompia over to Johor.
We went to Ah Hee Kopi Tian which is facing the car parking bay where the pasar malam is operating.  I tried its dian meng ngu.  Tasted like kueh tiaw but this noodle is smoother. 
Of course kompia is another Sibu's proud heritage.  Ah Hee kopi tian has nice meat kompia.  I like!  Sorry, I am not too sure how much the food cost as we happened to bump into hubby's friend there and our breakfast was on him!

After our breakfast, we walked to the other side of the road to look for kompia.  So many varieties for you to choose from!  Kaya filled, the salty one and the plain sweet one.  And the owner helped to pack the 100 kompia properly in a box to fly over to Johor!

I tasted kampua too, and I think the Kawan café in Rejang Park has nice kampua.  But my kids prefer My Home cafe's one.  Anyway, I am still not a big fan of kampua. 

I still like something clear, which not much oil.  Like this tang hoon fish ball soup.  RM3.00 only for this bowl of soup.  A lot of stuff they put in that bowl.

This is out of topic for this post, but I still want to rant about it.  Heard that Rejang Park has highest Dengue cases, reaching over 40 cases now!!  And we are staying near to this area.  Within last month only, there has been 3 fogging works done around the shops.  Scary! 
I hate when they do the fogging because the fog is so smelly.  And the smell does stick to your clothes.  Not to mention the food.  I don't think I would want to eat in Rejang Park for few days after the each fogging.  Maybe I am paranoid, but I cannot help thinking of those fog chemical going into the food they served.  


suituapui said...

My friend, Philip, from the US likes Kawan too...but I like My Home - though the last time I went, it was not really nice - maybe not a good day.

Don't worry - no need to learn Foochow as everybody speaks Mandarin these days. The culture here in Sibu now, it seems.

suituapui said...

Very hot, very dry these days...and hazy too! Lots of mosquitoes - be careful...but thankfully, no water rationing! My area, so far fogging or not that I know of but when I see a lot of those insects outside, I would go and spray myself. Better be safe than sorry.

Sharon D said...

The tang hoon fish ball soup looks so yummy. Love how much it costs. May it stay cheap!

I'm glad I live on higher floors which is mostly mosquito-free - fogging operations are a weekly affair. My neighbours on the lower floors are always caught in the middle of the smog. I wish there was a better way out of this mess.

reana claire said...

RM3 is still very cheap for a bowl of glass noodles and varieties, over here in IPOH, cannot get this price already. Everything has gone up... just now drank one dessert soup also cost 3.50 per bowl... terrible! :)

mun said...

100 kompia - so many, the box must be very big to put in 100 kompia. I still have not eaten any kampua noodles yet so don't know how it taste like.

wenn said...

sounds like a nice place. Hope to go sibu one day to meet you..

Small Kucing said...

i like the sweet kompiah...chu...something