Friday, August 23, 2013

Wild meat

It has been hot week over here other than the one day heavy downpour on Monday evening which continued till Tuesday late afternoon.  It was great to have rain occasionally, as can wash away the haze.  I am still recovering from my sickness. Luckily I feel well today after few days rest.

Did not cook much at home.  Lazy to do so.  Actually lazy to do much lately.  Lol!  On Tuesday evening my SIL brought us to Terminal 5 for dinner.  The rain has stopped then and our first plan was to visit Syabu-Syabu in the city centre but it was closed that night.  Wonder it was their off day or because of other reason?  It was the 14th day of 7th month that day and many people offering burnings at the road side.  Not many cars on the road and some shops were closed that night.  So we went to Terminal 5 instead.  A great place with many choices of food but not all food is good, according to my SIL.  But the black pepper lamb rice that I had was nice.

MIL cooked and packed few containers of wild boar meat for us at home, so for 2 evenings continuously, I have been warming up the cooked lemongrass wild boar meat for dinners.  But no one complained!  Because it is very delicious!  I love the fatty part of the meat because it is more tender.  *wink*  

Weekend is here!  And hubby would be travelling this Sunday till next weekend.  He is doing his branch manager certification courses and need to attend 3 rounds of training before can be certified.  So a lot of travelling for the coming 2 months. 


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

The weather has been quite unstable and unpredictable nowdays.

And, wah! soon your hubby will be a certified branch manager. COngrats!

mun said...

All the best to your husband on his way to become a certified branch manager! Long time I never ate any wild boar curry. Yours look very tasty.

suituapui said...

I love wild boar but the ones from Selangau, not so good. They say they use chemicals/poison...not shot ones. Dunno true or not. I don't use to cook curry though - don't want to drown out the nice taste of the meat.