Saturday, August 3, 2013

My 33rd week

I went for my check up with Sibu Specialist Medical Centre yesterday.  Need to follow up with the doctor there since I am going to deliver my 3rd baby there next month.

The doctor did a thorough check up on me since it was my first time there.  He did ultra-scanning and 3D scan on baby in my tummy.  Am glad that everything is normal and healthy, except that the baby position is slightly lower in my womb.  So that is why I am easily tired and have frequent urination because baby is pressing on my lower abdomen.  But other than that, the baby is healthy. 

I don't know about other mummies, but in this 3rd pregnancy, I am getting lazier.  In term of putting lotion on my body and eating more supplements.  Unlike my 1st one where I ate and put everything into my body. I guess that was the reason my 1st baby was bigger and heavier and I grew pretty big. And everything was cut down when I was pregnant with the 2nd one.  And it is even lesser with this pregnancy.  *wink* 

It was not that I do not care about this pregnancy but I felt lazier and more tired now compared to my 2 previous ones.  And I also do not put much emphasis on my appearance.  I do not bother to put on make up or put more time on my dressing when I go out, unlike the previous pregnancies, I were totally conscious of my appearance.  To me it is okay to look ugly while I am pregnant now. 
However one thing that I am happy about is that I do not have any stretch marks on my tummy.  Never one stretch marks in all my pregnancy terms.  Totally beautiful round tummy.  Not that I am boasting that I have beautiful skin, but it is a blessing not to endure those unsightful stretch marks.  I saw a cousin's tummy who is about the same EDD with mine; hers is full of stretch marks.  When I shown her mine, she was surprised that I do not have any.  *wink*  So I do save on those anti-stretch marks cream, which I never used at all.  Just normal moisturising lotion on my tummy.

Now my check up would be every 2 weeks till my delivery date.  Could not wait to get it over with!  I am getting heavier and lazier nowadays. 


Hayley said...

Hmm, I think each pregnancy brings different changes!

Getting nearer to your EDD! Nervous?

mun said...

Good that you wrote down your thoughts during your 33 week. It would be nice to read back this post after a few years.

All the best!

suituapui said...

Most importantly, all's well... Take care. Don't eat too much (I know food in Sibu is soooo nice and sooooo cheap) and stay active.

wenn said...

just eat moderately and your baby would be just fine..won't be too heavy.