Sunday, August 25, 2013

Celebrate in Fisherman

Last night we celebrated my birthday as well as Jay's birthday (which falls today) in Fisherman Restaurant.  It is next to Cafe-Cafe and been there since 1986.  A friend of a friend is the son of the restaurant owner, and hubby has been introduced to him when we arrived in Sibu.  He has been there few times and told me the food is very localised and nice.  So if you are coming to Sibu and want to try local dishes, this is one of the places that you must not missed out.

Compared to the next eatery places, this restaurant does not look much of an attraction and when you went into the restaurant, it did not look appeal because of the interior.  But being into this business that long, this restaurant has its own customers.  This restaurant is previously named Fisherman Pub and they used to have live band performing there.  But those were the days.  Still the food rocks as ever, I heard.  :)  And this restaurant was even featured in TV3's Cari Cari Makan segment! 

We were served with its keropok appetizer.  Mukah keropok.  Always the best!!!  Used to have one Mukah Restaurant in Ban Hock Road, Kuching that serve this keropok but the restaurant has been closed down long time ago.  Not that the business was bad, but I guess the family moved back to Mukah.

Our first dish was Umai. I never like Umai but I enjoyed this Umai last night and ate a lot.  Spicy, sweet and sour in one dish!
Next is the restaurant's signature dish.  This clam is called Lokan.  It claimed to be the only restaurant to have this dish in Malaysia.
And when you pry open the shells, this is what you found inside them.  The lokan is stuffed with medley of meats, onions, and other spices.  Very unique and tasty indeed!!

We also ordered its paku which is cooked in local style.  In coconut milk.

And of course, we did not missed out on some meaty dish.  We had its roasted lamb cutlets.  The cutlets were delicious to be eaten by itself but it comes with 2 dippings; namely mint sauce and the other is more of garlicky taste. 

Our next dish was deep fried terubok.  The skin was salty from the marinade and the flesh was very sweet.
Lastly not to be missed was the grilled prawns.  Damn big!!  But the flesh was very tender.

Last but not least, our dinner concluded with the birthday cake for the birthday boy!! 

Total cost was around RM330.00 plus drink.  Regardless of the price, I would definitely come back to this restaurant!!


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Wow! Ate a lot. hahaha!

Luckily the food was nice for rm300+.

Sharon D. said...

The keropok looks nice. Haven't eaten one in ages! I sure miss it.

mun said...

Good celebration with good food! I am not familiar with the dish umai.

suituapui said...

I love the food here, very nice but not cheap. Must be you have connections - so cheap, special for you. Happy Birthday!!!

Yee Ling said... second trip to Sibu I have eaten at this restaurant.

I particularly like the Lokan

Ez Vina said...

The lokam looks great.