Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Passing my times

This is what I do when I done with my houseworks and have some spare times to spend. 
Playing some online games.  Need to sharpen my brain, otherwise I would be slow and sluggish, as my hubby complained about me sometimes. 

Scrabble games!!  Loved to play this board game during school days.  Now it is so easy to play online, right at your finger tips.  But still, playing with other players would be more fun than playing alone in front of the pc screen!! *wink*
A relaxing game of a burger making process.  A nice game to spend the times.

This morning, my daugther has remarked to me that a pot of flower is growing with 2 little purple flowers blooming.  Very pretty indeed. Don't ask me what plant is this because I really do not know and I do not remember where I got this plants from.  Lol!
So happy to see that my flowers are growing and I can finally said that I do have a pair of green hands.  Never interested in gardening before but since moving into my current home (it has been almost 7 months now), I grow fond of gardening.  Probably the result of the efforts I that put makes everything worthwhile.


Hayley said...

You still have time for online games!!

mun said...

Hello Rose,

Thank you for dropping by my blog. The flowers are very pretty. I also do not know what plant it is. Where did you get this plant?