Friday, April 12, 2013

Experiment with my new toy

My first experiment with my flip pan on Wednesday evening.  Cooked salted chicken for dinner.  I marinated the chicken thigh with salted chicken seasonings for an hour. 
Then just throw in the marinated chicken and potato cubes into the flip pan.  Cooked for 10 minutes on one side before flipping over the pan and cook for another 10 minutes.  I repeated this process 3 times.
 The marinated chicken and some potato cubes in the pan before cooking
After 30 minutes cooking

 The chicken did not brown all over but still I like this dish.  The chicken turns out tender and juicy and the potato cubes are tasty from the chicken dripping.

 See how tender my chicken meat is?? 
And one thing I like is that my kitchen is much cleaner and less oilier.  The pan is easier to clean too.  Happy that I bought it after been considering for a long time.  But still need to take times to learn how to cook dishes using the flip pan. 


wenn said...

the chicken looks yummy..

::little projects in style:: said...

my mum is crazy about her flip pan!! :) i've had a chance to use it but your chix looks yums! xx

angeline ong said...

Would love to have this pan... but I seldom cook... 10MINS IS FAST!

Yan said...

I love cooking with my HCP too. That is the best thing that I bought in Korea.

Small Kucing said...

maybe the chicke too big?