Monday, April 22, 2013

My Monday

Hi!  How was your weekend going? It was a great weekend and nothing is better than to spend quality times with the family.  Check it out over here
I had a mee suah for my breakfast this morning.  Cooked some chicken soup last night and there is some leftover, so make a mee suah soup for hubby and myself.

After the breakfast and no one is at home, my Monday is continued as usual with cleaning and laundry routine.  And as tired as I am with my current condition but I still enjoy my housework.  I get some satisfaction from there.  Seeing my house is clean and tidy, and able to enjoy a cup of 3-in-1 Milo is worth of all the sweat.  *wink* 

Managed to catch some online news on the current GE13 campaign. In most parts of the city, there were some banners and buntings been hung and my kids could not help but asking what is this and that. So got to explain to them on the on-going GE.
And a sad news captured my eyes when I was reading the Star online.  A mother was stabbed to death while jogging with her daughter in a park.  How pathetic!  The mother risked her life for her daughter, and while the daughter gone for help, the mother was stabbed to death by the robbers.  What is happening in our society?  It is no longer safe to go outside.  Sigh! 
Okay, got to log out.  Time for my beauty sleep.  *wink* And then, need to get ready my cooking list for the evening.  Chow, everyone. And have a great Monday!


Hayley said...

Well, I am having an ordinary Monday, with my son, like usual ;)

Have a nice day ahead!

Ez Vina said...

so envy you, stay at home. But when I take long leave, I miss working, when I'm working, I miss my bantal..
Ohhh my life is so confusing.

suituapui said...

Yummmmm!!!! Mee sua! I like!!!!