Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Busy in the kitchen

Hi there!!  Happy Wednesday guys!
My day started off with nothing but breakfast.  Cooked my hubby's power breakfast this morning!  It is his Power Breakfast because this would last him till breakfast.  Hubby is currently on diet and taking kim chi for dinner.  He has been taking it for a week now.  I don't fancy kim chi that much but hubby quite enjoy the sour spicy taste of kim chi!
Since there is some leftover rice from last night, I fried rice for lunch.  A simple fried rice with mixed vegetable and char siew is what I like.  

And I know I will be more busy in the kitchen for the remaining week because I just bought a new toy for the kitchen.  A flip pan!!  *wink*
Cannot wait to cook my first dish using this flip pan.......So watch out for my next post, ya??


angeline ong said...

Wah, I can smell from here. so what's cooking Rose? Can't wait til your next post.

Hayley said...

Flip pan looks interesting!

Happy cooking!

mNhL said...

Really a plate of power b'fast. Such big plate for me! haha

Enjoy your new toy !

wenn said...

the pan looks interesting!