Monday, April 15, 2013

Fungal infection

Psst!  A personal (and womanly) problem want to share with you but I know most women would encounter such problems in their lives once or more.  It is very common. I know, it is annoying and embarassing condition but cureable.

I have suffered vaginal yeast or fungal infections in the past but nothing chronic.  Just a visit to my gynae and the tablets that gynae inserted into my vaginal do the wonder. 

I suffered from a fungal infection during my 2nd trimester in this pregnancy.  I have a lot of discharge and it get more during nights. No itchiness, just unpleasant smell.  Last Thursday during my pre-natal check up, I informed my doctor on my condition and she prescribed tablets to me.  Actually I never inserted a tablet before so it took me quite some time. 

3 tablets per box.  Insert one tablet at night for 3 consecutive nights. It comes with an applicator but end up I used finger to insert the tablets in as deep as I can.  Much easier than using the applicator.

After the first night, I found that I have less discharge and the smell is not so unpleasant anymore.  My condition is improving although it is not overall cure. Just hope that the infection did not get worse.


angeline ong said...

Can feel the uneasy and unpleasant situation.

So do you need to follow check up anymore?

Hayley said...

I got that few years ago when I was still studying, it is surely uneasy and irritating!

Hope everything will be ok soon!

Yan said...

This is indeed unpleasant experience. I had fungal infection and it might lead to UTI, if it didn't handle properly. So, I am very cautious now.

Small Kucing said...

hope get better soon

wenn said...

I had experienced before too. With the tablets, all will be fine.