Thursday, April 11, 2013

A quickie and my baby

Fixed myself a quick breakfast today since I am due for my pre-natal check up in the morning.  Used my newly bought Chefel flip pan this morning to fix my breakfast.  Fried my sausages and egg in the flip pan.  No oil added and so simple to prepare with my flip pan.  *wink*
Baby is doing fine.  I am now going into the 17th week.  Went for the Tetanus injection and scanning besides the urine test.  My blood test that I did previously turned out good and doctor is satisfied with the report.  Baby was moving so much in the worm that doctor was having hard time measuring the baby.  I can see the head, arms and limbs moving around. 

I am gaining 1 kg, weighing 51.5kg.  Still need to gain some weight in the next few months.  Still not much appetite to eat a wholesome meal but obediently taking my 3 meals a day.  Once a while I will munch on some breads or went for supper at night. 

I still wear most of my pre-pregnancy clothes so not many people knows that I am pregnant but few people that seldom saw me noticed that I have a baby bump.  Soon I will have to start wearing my pregnancy clothes.   

Sleeps become slightly difficult for me at nights now.  Do you have such sleep problem or is my case slightly early???  I don't know but I would keep tossing around on my side till I feel comfortable and able to doze off.  Not much problem during my 1st 2 pregnancies till later stage but again, each pregnancy is different I guess.  So I would enjoy this pregnancy as much as possible.  *wink*


Hayley said...

Yes, I had sleep deprivation when I was pregnant with Aden, and it lasted quite long =_=

Take care now!

angeline ong said...

I guess every pregnancy their symptom is different. Take care Rose.

Ez Vina said...

Take care.

Coffee Girl said...

Yay a baby again! Take really good care mommy. =)