Thursday, April 4, 2013

How life goes

It is an eventful week so far for me. 
Monday started slow as usual, nothing much except doing my housechore.  Tuesday was a mix of happy and sad feeling for me.  Started off with happy feeling because I went for breakfast with my old friends.  We had great 2 hours breakfast-ing and chatting.  Missed those old days when we were gossipping about others in the office.  Lol!
And then in the evening, I received a shocking news from my babysitter.  Father of my old friend passed away on that day from cancer.  It has been more than a year and heard from my friend that the father was not doing well, not much help from those treatment and chemo, but did not expected that he would gone that soon.  I still remember those old days when her father prepared his signature "Hakka mui chay pork belly" for us to taste.  Will miss and remember him as a humble and kind man.
And today my eldest is not schooling as it is Ching Ming festival. So this morning after sending Baby Jay to kindergarden, me and my girl went for our breakfast.  It has been a while since I tasted laksa and I was craving for laksa for few days. So we went to Blossom Cafe for its super tasty Sarawak Laksa. Of course my girl takes its Kolok Mee since she doesn't take spicy food.  I enjoyed its laksa because of its soup and chicken feet.  Lol!

What are we going to do later? Planned to go to bookstore hunting some stationeries then pick Baby Jay from kindergarden since baby sitter is taking leave today and we have our lunch someplace.  If the weather permits, I shall bring both kids to the Pasar Tani in the evening. 


wenn said...

good to bring the kids out jalan-jalan..

Small Kucing said...

a lovely time to you :)

Yan said...

This bowl of laksa so salivating. It must heavenly delicious.

angeline ong said...

Laksa I want too