Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Korea - The Winter Story of Everland

Day 5

There is a story to be told in Everland every day. Snow sled down the slope, ghost house to visit, Safari World to visit, 3D House to feel the thrill, Rotating House that make you spin and a lot more that make you want to stay longer in Everland.

If you are planning to go to Everland next time, please plan for a stay over as half day is definitely not enough as in our case. Or probably because it is school holiday so all those youngsters came out and visit Everland. Everywhere we went, it was packed with people and long queues. Not much games to play as the queue itself took many hours.

Korean enjoyed their holiday very much. They do not stay at home, like what Malaysian children do (or maybe mine). Instead they will go to Nami Island, Everland and other places of interest to spend their holidays before schools reopen.

We reached Everland around 1120am on Friday morning. Before we started the tour and fun, we had our lunch Alphine Food Fair. Nothing much to say about the seafood fried rice that I had since it is complimentary with the purchase of ticket. At least it filled up my tummy. Lol!

My little gal managed to take photo with the cute mascots while they on their dancing routine around the Everland.

Our tour guide brought us to the Safari World where we sat in an enclosed bus and see rare white tigers, bears and lions. The animals were to perform simple tasks, i.e. show its tongue, show its teeth or stand on two legs, then they will get some treats from our bus driver. We were lucky to be able to catch a glimpse of a liger (cub of male lion and female tiger).

Then we visited the Animal Show which lasted 20 minutes. After that we decided to go on our own as we wanted to ride the T Express, the steepest wooden roller coaster in the world! And boy! It worth all the waiting. Nearly 3 hours waiting in the queue for the roller coaster which last less than 5 minutes.

By the time we are out from the roller coaster it is nearly 4pm and we were half way through this Double Rock Spin but time was not enough. We have to be at our waiting site by 5pm. So after about 30 minutes queue at the Double Rock Spin, we abandon our plan and headed back to the main entrance.

Some other time, Everland.......


smallkucing said...

The Tiger not dangerous ka? Great snap shots

why said...

希望能常常看到你的更新 ........................................

Daddy, Mummy and Zoe said...

Oh....look at the teddie bears!!!Should really go and visit this place.