Sunday, March 7, 2010

Korea - The bears & the seagulls

Day 4 continues

Teddy Bear Farm

When you step into this outlet, it feels like you are in a different world. A magical world of teddy bears. It is full with figures of big and miniature teddy bears. You could not resist the temptation of not taking photographs of and with the bears in this Teddy Bear Farm.

After a morning of skiing and bruising at Ski Resort, it took us about 3 hours ride to the Teddy Bear Farm. Again our clever bus driver took a wrong turn. Initially he took the correct turn and I saw the farm, but he suddenly make a U-turn and heading to the other direction. After finding out that he was lost and asked for direction, then we headed to the correct farm. Lol!

After our toilet break, we have a tour around the farm (it is more like a toys house) on our own. The owner did not bother about us at all. Look at all those bears!! Aren’t they adorable? Those are not for sales and even if they are, we cannot imagine the price. I bought 10 key chains of white bears in Korean traditional costume, which cost 5000won per piece (equivalent to RM15). There go my RM150!

Daepohang Port

After a great tour in the Teddy Bear Farm, we headed down to the famous port, Daepohang Port. It is famous for its fresh seafood. Freshly catch from the sea and served and eaten on the spot! I saw some funny sea creatures, wonder what were those?

And we ordered a fish there too! Don't ask me what fish is it, as I really don't know. It likes a flat fish, with flesh on one side (on top). And Wow! The meat was really fresh and sweet. I would not need wasabi and soy sauce with it.

The port was packed with seagulls as you can see from the picture. They were not afraid of human beings at all. My closest encounter with seagulls. What do you think those stones in Daepohang Port resemble?


lvynana said...

wow..lots of exciting activities in Korea.

smallkucing said...

Love the pics :D

~ "C" a.k.a. Wonder Wifey said...

The stones look like tombstones, or am I being morbid? thank you for visiting me again, Rose. I have also added you to my blogroll. Have a good day! i'll be back