Thursday, March 11, 2010

Korea - A tiring Day 6

Day 6

It has been a tiring week for me so far. One probably because my Baby Jay is sick, he keeps waking up few times at night. Not asking for milk as he dozed off before finishing half of the milk. He just keep crying and even take more than 5 minutes to soothe him down. So, every morning, I did not feel like waking up. One afternoon, I even came back to take a short nap. Lol! That is how my week so far. Must go to bed after finishing up this post.

Going back to 2 weeks ago.....

There are so many things to share with you on Day 6 in Korea. Day 6 is the most tiring day in Korea as we had to visit 7 places in a day. So we started our Day 6 at around 7.30am. We headed for our breakfast and then started our first venue which is the President House and Ancient Palace.

The bus dropped us at this park where not everyone can enter as it was highly guarded by their security. You cannot run or go wandering around otherwise the guard will question you. So, we had to follow our tour guide closely behind.

This mountain resembling a head of dragon. Do you see the two "eyes"? This dragon mountain is believe to proctect the palace during the olden days.

After few snaps at the park, we walked down the alley to Cheong Wa Dae (The Blue House).

Cheong Wa Dae is the presidential residence of Korea. Its signature marking is its blue tiles. We did not tour Cheong Wa Dae, just few snaps in front of the guard house. Lol!

The Gyeongbokgung Palace is right opposite the presidential residence. We have to wait till 9am for its opening. This palace is built in 1394 as the main palace of the Joseon Dynasty. It is the most comprehensive and grandest palaces of that period.

Once the entrance to the palace was opened at 9am, our tour guide went to the ticket booth to purchase tickets. Before we tour around the palace, we detour to the National Folk Museum of Korea which is situated next to the place and it took us about 15 minutes walk. We need to take toilet break. So we tour in the museum before going to the palace. The museum displays the living of Korea during the olden days, its culture, how Korean words developed from Chinese to current state and food display. Actually cameras are not allowed but the staff there were very accommodating. They allowed us to take shots as long as we did not use flash light.

Next the Gyeongbokgung Palace.

This is the hall where foreign delegates were welcomed and entertained.

The Korean kings resembles pheonix, unlike the Chinese kings are made believe to be from the dragon descendants. However, as the country under China proctection, every year there will be entourage to the Korea from China. Once the palace were given a beautiful dragon poster by the China king.

To show its superior position, the palace places the dragon design on the ceiling. During the reign of Japanese in Korea, almost all antiques and stuff in the palace were taken away except this Dragon design.

Pavillion where the king gone to meet up with his concubines.

The map of the palace.

Day 6 continues...

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