Sunday, February 28, 2010

Korea - Winter Sonata in Nami Island

Day 3

Since release of Winter Sonata, this island has gained popularity and tourists (whether local or foreign) have flocked this beautiful island. Nami Island has even declared independence from South Korea and has its own government and law.

As we strolled down the famous tree-lined road, one could not resist the beautiful, cooling and romantic nature has to offer. A 7 minutes ferry ride to the island and you will be mesmerised by its beauty. This island is a man-made island, formed because of the construction of Cheongpyeong Dam. Many scenes in "Winter Sonata" were shot in this island.

So, when you walk around the island (it took us more than an hour to walk over the island), you will see some posters of the famous drama here and there.

After the visit to Nami Island, we proceed to Yeoju Premium Outlet where you would find branded outlets like Gucci, Nike, Burberry etc there. Hubby bought a Reebok shoes worth 69000Won (more than RM200)in Reebok outlet. We did not stay long, about 30 minutes then we went to our next destination.

Myeong-dong street. It reminded me of our Malaysia's Petaling Street. What to expect in Myeong-dong street? Clothing, traditional clothing, lok-lok, food, utensil, souvenirs. We hunt for food and one thing that we love to hunt? Strawberries! Korean strawberries are sure sweet and you could even taste ginseng flavour in some strawberries. Korean are famous for planting their strawberries together with ginseng in same soil, so you could taste some essense of ginseng in their strawberry. Yummy! Cost 5000 to 7000won (RM15-RM21) depends on size and whether it is enriched with ginseng or not. Hubby just couldnt resist buying them. He finished up a whole pack of juicy strawberries alone in the bus! Lol!


wenn said...

u refresh my memory.

lvynana said...

this place is so beautiful.

Daddy, Mummy and Zoe said...

I really love the strawberries..haha!

nishashburn said...

hi dear.. was reading your blog and i was wondering, how far is yeoju premium outlets from nami island? how long did it take? i plan on going to those two places in one day... was searching for it but no response.. thank you!

Ronan Gan said...

Hello there! I'll be going to Seoul this weekend. Coincidentally, a day of my itinerary is same as yours. I would like to know how do you go from Nami Island to Yeoju Premium Outlet? Thanks!