Thursday, March 18, 2010

Guessing game

When people asked about my age, I always asked them to guess my age. Usually they will guess 5 years (the most 8 years younger). Thank god for that! Either they are being modest or I do not look my age at all. Lol!

Or probably the people that I mixed with. Mostly are younger. And not to mention my colleagues who are all born in the 80s (around 1985 - 1986). I look like big sister to them in the office (sometimes they asked advices from me in term of works and relationship), but it does not make me feel older than them.

One afternoon while meeting with a lady customer, she suddenly asked my age. As usual, I never reveal my age willingly, so I asked her to guess. Again she guess I am around 28. Oh well, I just let her believe that I am that age. *wink*

Besides age, I always been mistaken to be a non-Chinese. Few times my customers speaks to me in English or BM when I speak Chinese to them. Only when I show them my name card would they speak Chinese to me. Funny!

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smallkucing said...

LOL....its always nice to look young