Friday, March 5, 2010

Korea - Ski all the way

Day 4

From Suwon city we going to Ski Resort. We reached the Ski Resort on Day 3 evening. Our bus driver was another matter. Since Day 1 we have been driven to either wrong road or wrong destination. Few times we have had to stop at the petrol stations or road sides to ask for direction. And the way our bus driver talked also one thing. It sounds like he was quarrelling but our tour guide assured us that he was not. Our tour guide (a lady named Lisa Sung) was born in China, studied in Taiwan and resides in Korea for more than 20 years.

To continue our adventure, the bus driver took a wrong turn to Ski Resort after we collected our ski equipment and gears. Resulted in our trip delayed for more than 30 minutes. Supposed to reach the resort before 7.30pm, but we reached there after 8pm. So much say about our bus driver, as he took us to country side roads which were not only dark, but secluded. So thank god we finally reached our hotel that evening.

Our hotel block is called The Maple. I like this resort. We stayed in 2 rooms resort. One room with bed and the other room, you need to do your bed on the floor. It also have a balcony overlooking the hills, a living room, a kitchen and 2 bathroom.

After settling down in our rooms, my SIL suggested to go for sauna to relax our bodies, so hubby and I agreed to her suggestion. 5000won per person (RM15). SIL and I gone to ladies section where we saw our tour guide naked at the changing room with other naked Korean ladies. After took off our clothing and kept in locker, we went to the sauna and jacuzzi room. After a 30 minutes steaming, we called it a night. I have a good rest that night because I knew it is going to be a tough morning the next day!

Morning view of the ski hills before we went down for our breakfast. The cars were all covered in white as it snowed the night before.

So after our buffet breakfast in the hotel coffee house, we have a 20 minutes walk to Vivaldi Park where all the actions held.

After a 30 minutes training by our tour guide on how to ski, stop and get up, we went to the hills to ski. We tried 2 hills only and it also half way down the hill. We did not to try the steepest slope. Well, I lost count of how many falls I had, but it worth everything. Who never fall when skiing right? But after that night, I have sore knees and arms. Lol!

The ski boots were so heavy that I have to walk like a crab climbing up and going down the steps. Even walking was tough, felt like pulling both legs to walk in the heavy boots. Plus with the ski boards, it was tough walking. So, when ever I fall, it was tough to unlock myself from the ski boards and also locking my boots onto the boards.

Er, we did not dare to try this slope!! Crazy!! We need to use cable cars to go up, but I wonder whether we able to ski down or tumble down the hill??

Me in action! *wink* It snowed that day since we arrived in Korea, but not heavy snow. The night before it was heavier so all cars parked in the bays were covered in white!

Next destinations......Teddy Bear Farm and Daepohang Port!


wenn said...

interesting! in 2005 we didn't manage to ski as there was no snow.

~ "C" a.k.a. Wonder Wifey said...

I love your photos. and posts. Thanks for the visit. Would you like to exchange links?