Friday, January 18, 2019

Before she goes

Most of the days, I cook lunches at home.  Starting this year since Jan is schooling in the afternoon. 

Sometimes I would bring her out for lunch together before she goes to school. For instance the other day, we dropped by this coffee shop in Green Road.

My girl wanted salad chicken rice for lunch that day so she got her wish. RM4 salad chicken rice. 

I like it's fried chicken very much, I usually order that to go with nasi lemak if I buy from the stall here. It's chicken rice is moist and well seasoned.

But that morning, I went for the steamed chicken rice from the Chinese chicken rice stall. Also RM4 for my lunch. 

I loved its rice. Very fluffy, fragrant and vertical reminded me of the old time. The way Chinese chicken rice should be.

The steamed chicken was nice as well but usually not enough for my rice. Or probably the rice is of bigger portion, and my chicken finish up before my rice.  But for RM4, it is a good deal.

That was our early lunch that day.  


mun said...

Good to go to school on a full stomach after a nice lunch.

Libby said...

Both fried chicken rice for your girl and your steam chicken rice look good. But if let me choose, I will choose steam chicken to go with rice, for fried chicken, usually I eat it on its own

suituapui said...

You would know this area well as your dad's workshop is around here too.

PH said...

Looks delicious. Over here, I don't think can buy anything at RM4.00 :(

Nancy Chan said...

Both the fried chicken and steamed chicken rice look delicious. RM4 is considered very cheap.

Reanaclaire said...

Like you, I prefer more meat than rice... I normally order small rice so that the chicken is enough to go with it... :)