Sunday, January 27, 2019


Remember the beautiful enchanting Christmas decoration in The Spring Mall last year?? Like previous years, they recycled and used the same set up for the Chinese New Year decoration. Of course the poinsettia flowers changed to cherry blossoms to create that spring season ambience.

No more magical garden but they did keep that wind or whatever it is gadget around and shifted it to the other concourse area. Somehow, felt like not much effort in putting up a nice showcase of CNY decoration this year after an impressive Christmas piece.

I enjoyed its past years decoration as this and this.

We went to its food gallery for late lunch after done with our shopping and movie on one Sunday. I tried the Indonesian stall for a change. New stall to me since I never tried it out before.

Nasi bebek (RM13.90)

They have this fried duck rice on the menu, called nasi bebek so I had that. Surprisingly it was good. The duck meat wasn't tough, the skin was crispy and I enjoyed my first nasi bebek that day.


Libby said...

This year I have not been going around the malls purposely for their CNY decorations, only passby then I take photos, I have not tasted fried duck before, only tasted braised duck and roasted duck

Phong Hong said...

Looks good, your nasi bebek. I have never had fried duck like this before.

suituapui said...

I had bebek at one place here but I think it has closed down now. Many places calling it a day. I guess that is why not much effort has been put in the CNY decor this year, most places. Economy not good, not many people shopping or marketing unlike previous years. Malaysia Baru, so sad.

mun said...

I would love to try the fried duck dish. Good to recycle the decor and not waste the material used before.

reana claire said...

In Ipoh, the decorations are very minimal... but the CNY songs are in the air... :)

Sakuranko said...

Oh very interesting post

Nancy Chan said...

The nasi bebek looks good.