Thursday, January 17, 2019

Maid at home

These days, I am a maid at home, preparing and cleaning for the coming Chinese New Year.

I did some dusting and spring cleaning lately. I done a good job in clearing my fridge few days ago. Some were left way inside that I didn't know. Lol. Need to reorganize my fridge more in the future!

Most of the job in the morning when it was quieter with Jan helping me here and there whenever she could.

While clearing my dry pantry, I noticed this cat peeping on me from across the neighbour's house.

It sure enjoyed up there. 

I ordered this sofa cover last month and it came in not long ago. Something to cover my poor torn sofa. 

Still thinking to change or re-wrap the whole thing but for time being, I am happy with this sofa cover for the festive season.

Still more to do and prepare for the holiday. For now, I am doing a little by little every day. Don't want to exhausting myself out.


Twilight Man said...

It is nice to spring clean the house as it brings in new energy!
It would be wise to re-wrap a new cover for the sofa and that could last another 10 years!

Shirley Tay said...

Gosh, you're fast! I've yet to find time for spring cleaning. Sigh!

Carly Fifie said...

When cleaning house, we feel fresh and calm. Get enviroment positive. 😊

suituapui said...

Aiyorrrrr!!! Can buy a new sofa set lor! So kesian! And engage a cleaner - they have, people coming to clean your house top to bottom, daily paid. So much money, keep for what? LOL!!!

Nancy Chan said...

I am also a maid in the house. Just started to clean the house bit by bit. There are lots of things to give away but haven't got down to sorting them out.

mun said...

Very true, no point exhausting yourself over CNY prep because CNY is just another day in the calendar that humans assigned some meaning to it.

Phong Hong said...

I am my own miad too. LOL! Am starting to do cleaning now.

lina said...

I always prefer to clean up the house myself.
And rope in hubby and son to do it too!
It's good exercise. LOL
I guess Spring Cleaning for CNY has started in earnest now, ya?

Libby said...

Oh gosh! We have not started spring cleaning yet or maybe keeping it to the minimal this year