Saturday, June 30, 2018

Weekend Menu #91: Sichuan preserved mustard pork rib soup

We bought home few ceramic bowls from Daiso, Aeon Mall last month. RM5.90 each. We couldn't resist them.

The next day, I cooked this Sichuan preserved mustard (榨菜 literally means "pressed vegetable") with pork rib. My man requested for this soup so I bought 2 mustard stems from nearby market for RM2.20. I only used one of them for the soup. The other one will be used on another day for another recipe.

This is a very simple recipe. Main ingredients are the pork ribs and Sichuan preserved mustard. I used slow cooker so I wouldn't need to keep an eye on the fire. Let it cook in slow cooker at high heat for less than 3 hours and a comforting, spicy and salty soup is ready to be served in our new ceramic bowls on the dining table. Somehow the soup looked good and appetizing in the black bowl. Lol.

Pork ribs
1 Sichuan preserved mustard
Half garlic cloves
Few slices of ginger
Pepper and salt to taste
Water for boiling
Spring onions, chopped

1. Blanch the pork rib and rinse it.
2. In a slow cooker, cook the water and add in the garlic clove and ginger slices. When water is hot, add in the pork ribs and Sichuan mustard.
3. Let the soup cook for 2 hours till the pork is cooked. Add salt and pepper to taste.
4. Garnish with spring onion when serve.


suituapui said...

This is currently our favourite soup! Found two places in town that serve this soup and my girl loved it! That was why the mum cooked her own too for her.

mun said...

we call this vege zhar choy in cantonese. I like to eat it thinly sliced stir fry with thinly sliced pork. very appetising because the zharchoy is salty and spicy.

Nancy Chan said...

This is one of my favourite soup too! Can be used in other recipes too!

Ez Vina said...

Nice and simple recipe. Your children dont mind the spicinesa?

Rose world said...

The taste is okay for them

Sharon D. said...

That looks seriously delicious, Rose. Will attempt it one day ^.^

Blackswan said...

Gosh, I can’t never get enough of this soup, dear! xoxo

Merryn said...

Now it is cheaper without GST. RM5.60 I think. Nice bowls.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

One of my favourite soup...