Wednesday, June 13, 2018

On the first

On the first day of Gawai, we drove to Kampung Bidayuh Sitang visiting a friend.

We started off from our house around 11am. At 8th Mile petrol station, we met another friend and his family before proceed in 2 cars. We used the Pedawan town to go along the smaller road but we were lost and missed the turning to the village. We were on the road to Borneo Highlands but realised the mistake and turned back to go to the right junction.

From that onward, we didn't encountered much trouble searching through the hilly kampung roads using the Google Map. Anyhow, we reached the house in time for lunch.

Loved the home-cooked ethnic dishes as well as few of Sarawak's specialties at our friend's house. 

Manok Pansuh/chicken (middle) and Babi pansuh/pork (right)

I took a little of this and that. I took a small piece of pansuh pork (pork cooked in bamboo) and it was alright to me. Not so strong in taste, so it was fine by me. I tasted stronger pansuh before and I didn't enjoy it much. This ethnic dish is very much an acquired taste.

(From top left) Hakka stewed duck, liver, and chicken kacangma

I took almost everything except the liver as you are aware, I am not a fan of liver. I loved the Hakka stewed duck (lor ark), Hakka kacangma and chicken curry. Took few scoops of them.

Chicken curry

Deep Fried pork belly and chicken wings


My first round 

After lunch, we were served with 'tuak' (rice wine). It is customary to accept tuak when the host offers so I drank 2 small glasses of tuak. Luckily I ate my lunch so I didn't get drunk easily with my full tummy. But I did felt sleepy after the wine started to take effect. Anyway, no embarrassing incident happened.

We also had a little walk around the kampung. Right in front of our friend's house was the village's chapel. The concrete path to the chapel on the hill was completed not so long ago so it was a nice walk up the hill.

But few minutes later, a sudden rain hit us and we had to hang out at our friend's house till the rain subsided.  It was after 3pm when the rain finally slowed down and we bid farewell to our house. We managed to maneuver slowly along the steep and wet road.

And it was a foggy drive down but the view was spectacular. I loved the fresh, cooling air of countryside after the rain.


suituapui said...

Oooo...I love pansoh!!! city people!!! Maybe that was kampung pig or ordinary pig, much nicer with wild boar meat.

suituapui said...

These Bidayuhs love phak lor duck and nacang ma. My cousin's hubby a Bidayuh from Serian area and they go back every year for the Gawai and she will have to cook these for everyone in the family/kampung to enjoy.

Shirley Tay said...

The place looks serene! xoxo

Królowa Karo said...

Good food and nice trip :)

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I will loves to explore the place...

reana claire said...

I would love to try all these homecooked Gawai food, they could not be found anywhere except in Sabah or Sarawak, except for tuak, which is available in Sitiawan... I love the sweet taste of it..

Phong Hong said...

If I had a chance, I'd really love to try those ethnic dishes.

lina said...

Wah! A lot of good food!

Ann said...

I love eating food and trying dishes when on a trip.
Those dishes really look yummy.


The Yum List said...

Even though I grew up with liver it's still not something I eat as an adult.

Libby said...

I love lor ark too and the curry chicken, fried pork belly and fried chicken wings, what a nice outing and trip for you, visiting friend and trying out homecooked food

Sharon D said...

Gosh, I love ethnic food! And I'm always excited if I see a recipe book for one, which is rare and sometimes doesn't even include many of the exciting borneo food I have heard about. What a nice drive to visit a friend. So genting-like.

mun said...

Wow, your friend is such a good host to serve so much delicious food. It sure feels cold looking at your photos at the end of the post.