Thursday, June 14, 2018

Not our usual

The next morning, we went to This car wash food centre for the Bishopgate mixed pork soup but it was closed. Maybe they went for holiday since it was a long weekend.
Mixed pork soup *recycled photo*

We have been here few times for our usual, the mixed pork soup. Hardly tried other food from other stalls. So since we were there that morning, we might as well tried other stalls for a change.

Dim sum

Hubby ordered 2 bamboo steamers of dim sum namely siu mai (pork) and har kaw (prawn dumplings). They tasted fine, nothing to shout about.

pathetic-looking kolo mee

However it was a disappointment for the kolo mee. The car wash owner operates and cooks the kolo mee there. It wasn't tasty and according to hubby, the fish cake was cold and not properly cooked. Furthermore the, noodle was served on a plastic plate. That was totally not the way to serve kolo mee.

Fish head soup with vermicelli

I didn't try the kolo mee as I wanted something soupy. I went for the laksa stall but not Sarawak laksa since I tried it once on my very first visit here.

This time I tasted its fish head mihun. RM10 for my bowl. Milky fish head soup. Not my usual order as I don't take milk. I forgot to ask them to omit the milk. I prefer the clear soup but my fish head mihun definitely tasted better than the kolo mee. Lol.

Never ever we would order them again the next time we come here. Sometimes a change from the usual doesn't necessarily good, I guess. Better stick to our usual. Either that or none.


Sharon D said...

Rose, you never fail to make me hungry! ^.^

Nancy Chan said...

I took prefer soup especially on a cool day!

Libby said...

I also prefer clear soup than milk soup

mun said...

That is why sometimes I just stick to my usual food.

suituapui said...

Had things disappointing like that too - used to be very good though. When that happens, for sure, we will not be that keen on going again...but some people do not seem to mind, as long as they can get things to eat perhaps - the place is always so crowded. Blogpost on it coming up real soon.

Shirley Tay said...

Love to try this fish bee hoon! xoxo

The Yum List said...

The prices seem very reasonable

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Siew mai and har gao is my all time favorite...