Sunday, June 17, 2018

Visit a village

Kampung Bidayuh Begu, a small village along Padawan road was our destination last Saturday evening. 

Actually it was hubby's company community service but we got to tag along. Everyone was to help in the village, cleaning and cooking. 

It was our first visit to this village which was on the same road to Borneo Highlands. Very long winded drive but we survived and after more than an hour drive, we reached the kampung around 3pm. The boys had a little dip in the cold stream before a heavy downpour hit us.

Heritage hall

We managed to reach the community hall without getting so wet. Unfortunately there was blackout in the village when we were there.
Community hall, currently temporary chapel

It was just over a week of Gawai festival so we were there to sponsor and support the village in preparing dinner and bring joy to the villagers.

Pigeon's hole to hold letters

The food and drinks were mostly prepared by the ladies of the villagers. Thanks to their hospitality, we were able to enjoy good, home-cooked dishes.



Curry chicken

Sweet chicken

Beef rendang

Mixed vegetables

Salted fishes

Rice wrapped in banana leaf

Wrapped Rice

Tepung pulut and lemang

The ladies were very friendly. We chatted and asked how they made the lemang and tepung pulut. Lemang is nothing unusual but not tepung pulut (starchy and sticky rice, something like Chinese nian gao). First time tasted this sweet delicacy. I even packed few home and learn to wrap in the leaf.

We thanked the villagers that were in the hall and departed around 530pm. Rain still poured over us so we didn't want to stay so late as it could be dark and dangerous driving along the winded and narrow hilly road. Most parts don't have road lights so we prefer to move before the sunset.

When we left, the electricity was still down and they started to light up some candles. Hope the villagers did enjoyed the food without much problem.

We would love to come back to the village, to explore more of its nature beauty. Cave, waterfall, mountain hike and blue spring are some of its attraction that not many know of.


suituapui said...

Oooo...I love those wooden shophouses, so authentic, unspoilt by development...and the food!!! Wowwwwww!!! Lucky thing I was not there or I would eat till I could not walk. Everything looks so delicious!

mun said...

Good that companies have CSR activities like this to give back to the community.

Libby said...

I have a sweet tooth so I think I will like the tepung pulut

Libby said...

It is a meaningful and wonderful day out to attend Corporate Social Responsibility Activity like this and with so much delicious looking food

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Would love to take part if I know of such event...