Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekend Menu #84: Chinese leeks with sea cucumber

For as long as I could remember, Chinese leek is my parents' favourite. I on the other hand is not so fond of this oniony smell and taste yet crunchy texture. And I found out that my hubby has a strong love for this leek as well!

I usually stir fry it with sliced beef on normal days.

But since Chinese New Yea is just around the corner, a little luxury is alright on the festive table. Chinese leeks with sea cucumbers.

I would like to share with you on this recipe. How I stir-fried leeks, carrots and sea cucumber in one dish. Sea cucumber is rather expensive, I bought some ready and cleaned sea cucumbers from the wet market for RM20!

Sea cucumber symbolised wealth and good health while leeks are auspicious to be taken during CNY.

2 stalks of leeks, cleaned and sliced diagonally. Divided into 2 bowls; 1 of white parts and another just the green leaves
1 sea cucumber, sliced thinly
6 baby carrots, sliced horizontally (1/2 normal sized carrot)
4 garlic cloves, minced
Salt and pepper to taste
Sesame oil
Shao xing wine
Oyster sauce
100 ml water with cornstarch

1. In a wok, heat up cooking oil. Saute chopped garlic for few seconds.
2. Toss in carrots, white parts of leeks and sea cucumber. Saute for a minute or so before toss in the green parts of leeks.
3. Add few dashes of sesame oil and wine, salt and pepper to taste and about 1/2 tsp oyster sauce.
4. Add in the cornstarch mixture when vegetables are soften. Simmer for a while till the gravy is thicken and dish out.

For more texture and taste, you could add slices of breast meats in the recipe. Garnish with roasted almonds or cashew nuts for that nutty taste!!


Phong Hong said...

I like your dish because I like leeks and sea cucumber.

Agnes CF Lee said...

I like leeks too..but my people in the house do not like them..I have not been having it for ages now.

mun said...

This must be a very tasty dish because the leeks are so flavourful with strong onion taste and the sea cucumbers will just absorb all the gravy into them. I like to eat both so I will like this dish too. I have never eaten leeks with sea cucumbers before because the latter is so expensive. Only leeks with roasted pork (siew yoke) or leeks with nga ku.

suituapui said...

Sea cucumber, collagen, stay looking young. I never buy, may eat sometimes outside. Expensive.

Merryn said...

I love sea cucumber. I've never cooked them myself but will always get to eat during CNY. Once a year indulgence :D

I dont like leeks too. Haha.

reana claire said...

Oh, I just cooked leeks this evening.. I love the China leeks.. hope they don't put too much pesticides on them.. hahaha...

Libby said...

I like sea cucumbers but not leeks

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I loves Sea Cucumbers, but eat only once a year when my 三姑 cooks it, but few days ago, receive a whatapps from my 小姑 that my 三姑 not doing any cooking this year, sad...

Nancy Chan said...

My late father in law and I love leeks but my hubby and sons do not like leeks. Now I will only order this from the economic rice stall if the dish is available.

Sharon D said...

I enjoy sea cucumbers..the leeks, not so much although I do eat them. Yummy dish, Rose! ^.^