Monday, January 16, 2017

Grills and curry

Did not know what and where for dinner on one Saturday night. Then we passed by this Siang Siang Food Court, 3rd Mile (across the road from Timberland Medical Centre) and it was instantly decided to have our dinner there.

It has been ages since we stepped foot there. It was many years ago. And that time the food court was old and unattractive but they have revamped and turned the place into more decent, brighter and cleaner dining environment. 

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The place was crowded on a Saturday. We happy to find a vacant table.  Surprisingly the place was not stuffy eventhough it was packed. They did spent much on the ventilation and ceiling fans.

Photo credit from Here

We walked one big round, checking out the stalls before decided on what. You could basically get almost everything under one roof. From Chinese food to Malay and mamak food. 

Grills RM11

I took shots of the food that I had that night. This one was interesting. From the grilled food stall operated by a Dayak. Usually we would find grills from seafood to meats but this stall was different. They also served grilled innards! 

Hubby ordered a stick of this on top of grilled squids and bbq pork!! I tasted the squid and pork. The squid was fresh but the pork was slightly tough. I had hard time bite and chew the meat!

Curry rice RM7

I also ordered this mixed meat curry rice for my dinner. A fiery plate for me. Spicy! 

I would love to come back here and try other stalls. 


suituapui said...

I think there is Siang Siang at a few places in Kuching but this one looks a lot nicer. Oooo...miss that curry rice, used to go for that at Ang Lee or what's the name now, Carpenter Street...with a bit of char siew too. 70's!!!

PH said...

I would enjoy the grilled foods.

mun said...

I don't think my teeth are strong enough to eat the grilled food.

Blackswan said...

I kinda like grilled stuff too. I'll be having lunch at a popular Yakitori restaurant tmr in Orchard. Can't wait! xoxo

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I sort of like grilled stuff... hehe...

Reanaclaire said...

Grilled food is good for me, as not as not frying..

Ola said...

I like griled food so probably it would be a nice option for me:)

Hayley said...

Food court is a nice choice, can choose a variety of food.

chris said...

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Nancy Chan said...

The place looks bright and comfortable. I love grilled food!

Merryn said...

It is great that they have revamped the place and spent a lot on ventilation. Nothing is a greater turn off than eating in a stuffy place.

Thank goodness you are not using dentures otherwise they would have dropped off after your hard time chewing that pork bbq! LOL!

Sharon D. said...

I have never seen curry rice served this way. It looks super yum!
The grilled foods are making me salivate too.