Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The day after

The day after Christmas was a public holiday since Christmas fell on Sunday.

Most coffee shops and business establishment were closed.

It was that day that hubby was craving for curry mee from Batu Lintang. We were not sure it opened or not so not putting our hope so high, we drove all the way to check it out. It was after 10am and to our surprise, it was opened! 

Parking was ample and the place was not packed. So we decided to have our brunch at the Rojak Kucei. It has been ages since we had its food. Somehow I forgot how it tasted like. Lol.

Our order came swiftly since not many people. I remember that it took ages for food to arrive last time when it was full house.

We had the curry mee and rojak ayam.

The mee curry was good with a piece of chicken, half of hard-boiled egg, cucur sayur and yellow noodle. It was not as rich, creamy and spicy as I could remember but it was still nice. Maybe the current operator (the son) modified the curry gravy to fit his customers who do not have high tolerance on spiciness.

The rojak ayam was delicious as always with its sweet satay gravy. 

After our hearty brunch we went for grocery cum CNY shopping in a hypermarket. After shopping for almost 2 hours, we came out with a cart overloaded with goodies.

Jan and Jay flew back that afternoon so after dropped our stuff at home, we went to pick them up from the airport.

And how happy they were. In time to unwrap their presents on Boxing Day and same time, shared new toys that they brought back from Kapit and Sibu with their little brother. The house was back to rowdy mode.

 And I got my gift too. Thanks to my MIL for the box of black olive.


suituapui said...

Wahhhhhhhh!!! Sent you so much, the dabai! I did buy once, RM20 a kg as my girl loves the fruit. Not buying anymore, so expensive. :(

I had the rojak at Tok Janggut, they say he's related to the Batu Lintang one. I prefer Rojak Kassim, originally from Sibu but now his stall is at Palm Road, somewhere near Thomson Corner in Kuching, Nanas Road.

Phong Hong said...

So you started your CNY shopping already. I haven't done anything LOL! I miss the rojak ayam in Terengganu. Next time I go back, must look for it.

Anonymous said...

You should still look for it Phong Hong

Nancy Chan said...

The curry noodle and rojak ayam look delicious. I still haven't started the CNY shopping yet, haven't got the mood yet.

mun said...

Jan and Jay flew back on their own? so brave! wow

Sharon D said...

My New Year clothes are ready. Left the cookies and drinks. I see you bought a new pan, Rose... ;)

reana claire said...

So the house is full of noise again.. happy joyous noise! School has started.. time to do shopping for CNY? Oh dear, I have not even started as yet... for the house, I mean... :)

Merryn said...

Jan and Jay flew back on their own?

We did grocery shopping too last weekend. Still not done yet. Will have to do somemore this coming weekend.