Thursday, February 4, 2016

You are our favourite

It was last Sunday. A week before CNY. It was a gloomy day, the weather looked lazy and dark but everywhere was jammed and alive.

People rushing for CNY and we noticed many people at the mall. Must be those coming back from abroad or other places for the celebration.

That morning, I asked hubby what's for breakfast and he replied me "Our favourite". Immediately I knew that we were going all the way down to Jalan Padungan to one of our favourite kolo mee coffee shops. Huan Lok Cafe!

One of the best served kolo mee in the city. Old school style and taste. Indeed, you are our favourite kolo mee.

We actually came here the week before and we were back again for its delicious kolo mee. How much we love our Kuching's signature  noodle! ^^

We were served with spoons, chopsticks and saucers of chillies dipped in vinegar after placed our order with the aunt who cooks the noodle. Anyhow the kolo mee tasted so good that we won't need chillies to go with it.

You need to be patient waiting for your noodle as they take their time to prepare the noodle. Cook one bowl at a time so it takes quite sometime to serve 4 bowls on our table. Of course we let the children eat first as they are not fast eaters.

Our simply delicious bowl of kolo mee!! On top of the springy noodle, it was garnished with seasoned fried shallots and minced meats as well as the char siew and few greens.

And we couldn't resist ordering this bowl of kiaw soup (meat dumpling soup) too. 

Our delightful Sunday breakfast to start off the day.


Sharon D said...

Oh Rose, that looks super yum! I love breakfasts like these. It is so satisfying. ^.^

ChrisAu said...

Dumplings soup and wanton noodles are my all time favorites but I can't find the good ones around in JB and SG.
Yeah, folks are doing their last min shopping while for me, I already started the exodus to balik kampung.

Nancy Chan said...

We also have our favourites but your kolo mee looks so yummy. Hope one day I will get to taste Kuching's kolo mee.

Anonymous said...

I must go and try this one the next time I go to Kuching. So far, my favourites are the Green Road shop, Oriental Park...and Kim Joo.

Huai Bin said...

Look good Rose! :)

I haven't had kolo mee, the proper ones from Kuching, in a long time. I like the one in 7th Mile (where the original 3 layer teh c peng comes from). It's a seafood kolo mee but quite good.

Happy CNY to you and your family!

Shirley Tay said...

You seemed to like kolo mee a lot, Rose. I don't mind having a bowl right now :D

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I always loves meat dumping soup, my all time favourite... Happy Lunar New Year to you and your family...

mun said...

From the photos, can see that the food is tasty!

Emily Tang said...

looks tempting ;D