Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lunch, beautiful fish and at night

In my previous post, I shared my Chap Goh Mei lunch. Here was some of the dishes, I took a shot of them individually.

Stir-fried celery and carrot with sliced beef

Braised pork trotters

Black olive (okana) with sugar and black soy sauce dipping

After lunch, hubby took out this frozen fish that we brought back from Kapit last December. We had a few in the feezer and till Monday, I have not cooked any of them.  Meant for special occasion or festival.

So for such auspicious day, hubby told me to cook it for dinner. It is Sima (as the local called this fish). Cheaper than tengalak and empurau, its flesh is nice and sweet. But one has to be careful when eating it as it has many small bones.

Sima - out from the freezer

So after thaw this beautiful fish for few hours in the afternoon, it was ready to be steamed. Luckily I had hubby to help me gut the fish. The fish was big and it fitted my wok nicely. Lol.

Sima - after fully defrost

I had a little assistant in the kitchen to help me prepare dinner.

She was thrilled looking at the big fish.

Besides her, there was another busybody conquering the kitchen's cabinet!! Really, three of us is a crowd in there!!

Anyway, back to my fish, once it is fully defrost, I season the fish with salt and pepper. Wait for few minutes for it to be seasoned.

Meanwhile I chopped lots and lots of ginger and garlic. Add some ginger and garlic in the gut.  Add half of the ginger and garlic on a steaming plate. Then place the fish on top of the ginger and garlic. Add the remaining ginger and garlic on top of the fish. Dash light soy sauce and sesame oil on the fish.

Lots of ginger and garlic

Place the plate into the steaming wok of water and cover the lid. Let it cooks for 30 minutes.

And here comes the beautiful fish!

And I am proud to say that I steam a whole big fish for the first time and it turns out good. Sigh.

After our wonderful dinner, as promised we let the kids have some "pop-pop" fun.  Someone was missing! Yes. The little one was taking his late nap so he missed out on the fun.

The night air was good and we could sight the full moon in the sky.

And I called it a night after having a glass of red wine outside enjoying the moon as well as the fireworks.


Tomoko said...

Your lunch is new to me. How lucky that you have a good help in your kitchen!

Ez Vina said...

Nice moon and yummy steamed fish.

Sharon D said...

Ohhh...I am salivating over the fish! Good stuff.
Lovely to end the night with wine under such beautiful moonlight :)

mun said...

Nice dinner! You are such a good cook. Ginger goes best with steamed fish.

Merryn said...

Jamie took a late nap after dinner? Means he will wake up again? Then what time will he sleep again? Pengsan me.

The fish looks so yums. I love fish and will never say NO to them.

Nancy Chan said...

The beef dish will be my favourite.

ChrisAu said...

What beautiful dinner on Chap Goh Meh! I am sure you guys have a lot of fun too.

Libby said...

I like that steamed fish but I don't like celery and I don't eat beef, you call your son busybody, so cute and funny, LOL. Is that your youngest son?

Anonymous said...

Ooooooo....semah! Worth it's weight in gold! They say it's No. 2, second to Emparau...but tangadak is 3rd, though not much cheaper. Lucky you, get these exclusively-for-the-rich fish from Kapit. LOL!!!

They sent you dabai too? My cousin in Kuching got some from 3rd Mile yesterday, RM22 a kg. In my blog today too, missus bought RM18 a kg here, very nice!

Rose said...

That night he woke up ard 9pm and only slept again around 2am in the morning! I peng liaw. On and off in my sleep, cannot wait for him. Haha. But I am a light sleeper so I would wake up at any sound or disturbance.

Rose said...

Yes. My youngest boy.

Rose said...

Bought the dabai last December. Keep them in seperate containers in freezer. When feel like eating, just thaw one container. ;)

The dabai over here not cheap and may not be as good as those from Kapit/Sibu.

Princess Ribbon said...

I like your braised trotters.. I had so much fatty pork braised this way during CNY, with wood-ear too.. Love it though, can never get bored with this dish..

Angeline アンゼリン said...

The fish is fresh. Oh the kids got chance to play since it is not raining right?

Hayley said...

I tried the black olive once and I couldn't finish it, just cannot accept the taste even though I am not a picky eater...

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Fish is always my favourite...