Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Eat out on CNY

During Chinese New Year, we ate out few times. Few establishments opened even on 1st day but during public holidays especially CNY, certain places would have a hike in the price. Like a cousin told us, a bowl of laksa on normal day priced at RM5, would cost you RM7 on CNY.

So you need to be judgemental and clever in choosing where and what to eat on such holiday and one good thing about Malaysia, we are a multiracial country. We could easily find food all year round. 

Most establishments closed on Monday which was the 1st day of CNY. So most places are deserted that day. We had a car ride in the evening; catching on firework display in the sky amidst the rain in the car.

The weather was kinder on us on 2nd day with occasional drizzle and shower that day.

We went to the old part of the city for breakfast on 2nd day. A thick roti telur in Bismillah Cafe in Khoo Hun Yeang road. 

After our light breakfast, we went to Matang for a hunt of lemang for our open house. We bought 2 sticks of freshly charcoal-cooked lemang home. RM8.00 per stick but they have different stick sizes for different prices.

On 3rd day, we went to Megabite Cafe for breakfast. Very few stalls opened and one of stalls was the fried noodle stall. So we ended up having fried noodle and kway tiaw.

My fried kway tiaw with a fried egg (RM6.00). Not bad; quite good with some cockles.

We also visited the shopping malls over the holiday and one of them was VivaCity. Quiznos Sub was not packed when we were in the mall so we went in for a bite.

The traditional chicken (chicken + chicken ham) for RM12.90.

I wouldn't mind coming again for breakfast as they open pretty early for early birds at 7am.

I were not well last Saturday evening. Must have eaten wrong thing as threw up twice that late evening. No appetitite and I felt weak and giddy on Sunday so I have been having porridge the whole day. Hubby bought McD's chicken porridge for me in the evening.

That was how we spent the Valentine's Day. Not so romantic evening at home. Lol.

Thankfully I am well now and it is back to chaffeuring my kids routine. Now I couldn't wait for the school holiday, which is less than a month away. Lol.


reana claire said...

Now I am yearning for a piece of roti telur.. the one looks very nice and thick! :) Speedy recovery to you, Rose.. hope you are feeling back to normal now..

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I eat a plate of duck rice on the 3rd day of CNY, suppose to be S$3, but due to CNY, they hike the price, S$4...

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! You came down with food poisoning too? My cousin and her hubby are in town, from the UK. They were in Penang before they came and the hubby came down with food poisoning too, there in Penang, not here - day after tomorrow's post.

Nancy Chan said...

My family didn't go out for breakfast during the first few days of CNY. The eateries will be very crowd, long wait for food and price hike. I cooked early lunch so by the time my young men woke up, lunch was ready for them.

mun said...

Your piece of roti telur is so thick! I would love that! Glad to hear that you are feeling fine now.

Merryn said...

Wah the roti telor is really thick!

Glad that you are well now. Yes, I'm so looking forward to another week-long holiday. But after that is the first semester exam already.

Libby said...

I saw a few bloggers mentioned open house in their CNY posts recently, wonder what is this open house all about, have not heard of it before

Libby said...

Glad you are well now, many people tend to fall sick during CNY because of too much eating and all the heaty food

Princess Ribbon said...

So nice, can eat out during CNY.. I remember for the whole week of CNY, I ate in MIL's place, my mum's place, my sis's place.. I think no eat out, all coffeeshops closed.. Got eat also eat McD only, haha..

Yee Ling said...

During CNY, lots of eateries at my place is closed. I think they only started to open on the 4th day. Luckily still have mamak stall. Hahah

Hope you will get well soon. Tk care.

My Little Space said...

Hi Rose,
Thanks so much for stopping by my humble little space and you got a wonderful blog as well. Wishing you & family a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR & GONG XI FA CAI !
Blessings, Kristy

Sharon D said...

Glad you're feeling better, Rose. We didn't do anything special on Valentine's Day either ..mostly because we were still in the CNY mood!

Emily Tang said...

agree that things more expensive on day 1 and 2 of cny
but it is reasonable enough as the Chinese workers do not celebrate CNY with their families...compensation for them I think
but oklah just once a year