Tuesday, February 2, 2016

No more

We have survived four weeks of school. Everyone is getting used to sleeping and waking up early by now and I am glad for some quieter moment in the mornings.

Since schools have started, both Jan and Jay have their sleep around 9pm on weekdays.  I'm rather strict about their bedtimes. No more staying late watching tv or playing.  They need to be up by 6am to take their breakfast, bath and ready for school which starts at 7am.  Luckily the school is just a minute drive from our place.

Jamie on the other hand, has been sleeping very late and some nights, he would wake up once or twice; whining and reluctant to sleep again. This has beenb going since early this year. Some more, he has a peculiar request; he wants to sleep with lights on!

In the middle of the night, he would wake up and request for the lights to be turned on!  So for a month now, we have been sleeping with lights on when he wants to sleep or wake up at night. Sometimes I would switch it off when he dozes off while some nights, I would dozed off before he did, leaving the lights on. 

So, with the nightly interruption from the little one, I felt pretty tired during the day last month because of not enough sleep and need to get up early before the kids do. No more afternoon naps for me most of the time since I would be busy with their afternoon tuitions and activities.

Call it that stage or anything, Jamie who is 2 years and 4 months old is getting very stubborn and strong-headed. He never listens to our reasoning when we say "no". Just hope this behaviour will go away or change when he starts his kindergarden classes.

Luckily for me that I do not cook lunches.  I cook breakfast and dinner on weekdays and dinner on weekends. For lunches on weekday, I would go out and buy for me and kids. So in the morning, I could get some rests (if Jamie leaves me alone!) or do some housechores.   

On one Friday, I came to this coffee shop.  It was around 11am and the school was going to end by 1130am.  So I looked for some quick meal and decided to give this chicken rice stall a try.  My kids tasted its steamed chicken rice once.  I think it was fine, nothing spectacular or something to shout about.

Somehow the food pictures in front of the stall attracted me that day.  I actually told myself that I would not want to try the food from this stall but at the back of my mind, I decided to give it a second try.  Turned out that I should have stick to my initial decision! 

I ordered a nasi ayam penyet for myself while the kids had its nasi ayam goreng.   Thought it would be fast, but Jamie and I have to wait around 5 minutes to get our order done.  The middle -aged uncle and aunt were taking their time preparing our food.  But I guess it was alright since they looked friendly and earning their hard living from selling food at coffee shop.

My nasi ayam penyet (RM8.00) was not that impressive.  The chicken was soft and not too dry but lack of spices and seasonings.  The sambal was not spicy at all.   They gave few slices of cucumbers and cabbages underneath the chicken thigh.

They served this yellow-coloured rice.  Maybe they used turmeric for the colouring and fragrance?? The rice was soft though.  I actually enjoyed the rice more than the chicken and sambal!

The kids' nasi ayam goreng did not looked that good but at least both kids ate their meal. 

No more buying from this stall.  It is not that the food was that bad but somehow I do not feel it is value for money.  I could get a better food at such price from other place.  All well, at least I tried it out and know now.


trishie said...

You're an amazing woman Rose! Managing the household and three kids so well. Hope you get more and better quality sleep soon,. Wonder why Jamie wants the lights on? Is he having nightmares?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! Maybe you can try to change the position of his bed? Get him a new mattress and pillow or get him to bathe in water with seven-colour flower petals.

Anonymous said...

...and get him to wash his feet before going to bed too!

reana claire said...

Now you are being supermom!! hahahaa... Reminded me of the earlier years when my kids were your kids' age... really look forward to school holidays and weekends only... no need to wake up so early then... Good to hear the school only a minute away.. hahahaha.. my sons' primary school is less then 20 steps away.. just opposite.. and one time my boy just shouted from the gate that he wanted food cos he forgot to bring money to school.. hahaha... Now we always laugh over it whenever we talk about that...

mun said...

Hope Jamie will sleep through the night and you get enough sleep.

Merryn said...

I only cook in the morning for Ethan's lunchbox and I always cook extra for Ayden's lunch too. No more nap time for me too as Ayden doesn't wanna nap too now that the big brother is always at home in the afternoons and evenings @_@

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Quite tiring when you have to wake up in the middle of the night and get up early in the morning preparing breakfast for the family and no afternoon nap...

lina said...

Did you put on the night light or the normal bedroom lights for him at night?

Take care as you are not getting enough rest.

Rose said...

Normal bedroom light. I did have night light in the past but since moved back here a year ago, I just leave the bathroom light on at night, giving it a little cozy night light feel.


Sharon D said...

Hang in there, Rose. You're doing great. I hope Jamie settles into a routine soon so that you can get some sleep.

Kong Hee Fatt Choy in advance to your and your family!

Huai Bin said...

I see a lot of Malay style chicken rice also has yellow-ish tinged rice like your photo. Maybe it's the stock they use?

Oh, I think all kids like to sleep with a light on. I know I did when I was young, couldn't sleep without a light outside with the door not closed coz of monsters. Haha. I got over it when I was 8 or so though, so don't worry, he's still young.

Chinese New Year in a couple of days! Yay! :)

Yee Ling said...

Yes, I got my kids to sleep before 9pm but most of the time they asked for extension ahaha.

Anyway.wishing you and family a Happy Chinese New Year.