Sunday, February 14, 2016

Reminiscing CNY

Chinese New Year has been nothing but a whirlwind of good times for us this week.

We rejuvenated, played, slept, relaxed, indulged in feasts and spent some good time with friends and relatives over the one-week holiday. The weather has been chilling and wet but it did not dampen our holiday mood.

Let me bring you through our CNY holiday.

On the eve.....
CNY is about family, tradition and food.

We had our family reunion dinner at my parents' house. My parents catered most of the food from their favourite Chinese cafe, 8 Way Cafe. 

My mum cooked her once-a-year's specialty soup - fresh bamboo shoot with pork. 

Then we went home, let the kids have some fireworks playing time regardless of the rain.

Everyone stayed late waiting for the midnight to arrive, and we joined in the noise and atmosphere in the neighbourhood by lit up the firecrackers.

I always have the practice of getting ready my red packets on the eve.  And also ironing the new clothings.

First day.....

Wore the traditional Chinese dress, cheongsam. A must photo with my kids.

Had chicken mee suah for breakfast, symbolised longevity and prosperity in the new year.

Gone to church service at 9am and after it ended, we had a brief visit to the pastor's house which is behind the church. After that we visited my parents and had lunch in their house. My parents have vegetarian meal on every 1st day of CNY.

Vegetarian noodle by my mum

After ward, we went home and relaxed for the rest of the day in the cold weather.

Second day.....

Thankfully rain has stopped on 2nd day as it rained for the whole 2-3 days here and some places were flooded.

The water in the river near our place was pretty high!

Open house on 2nd day and we got hubby's staff to cater 2 dishes for us. Sarawak's specialty, daging masak hitam and chicken curry.

Everyone commented on the daging masak hitam. Very tender and tasty. Our lemang also finished up fast. We should have bought more; we only got 2 sticks from Matang this year.

Daging masak hitam

Chicken curry


Satays and curry chicken

Green salad

And we served our favourite green salad for those who wanted something light and healthier. ^^

Third day......
Went shopping for steamboat as we invited hubby's relatives and my parents over for steamboat and mahjong. Stayed at home and waiting for anyone who care to visit us.



In the evening we went to a friend's house for buffet.

Fourth day onwards....

Woke up late in the morning.

Breathe in and out. Relaxed at home. Did not do much but lazying around the house.

We did went visiting on 5th day; a big reunion with some of my old college classmates who came back to Kuching.

We also did some juicing; clearing the mandarin oranges in the fridge. Mandarin oranges tasted good with celery and a bit of sugar. 

Hope everyone has an enjoyable, wonderful and fun Chinese New Year.

And not forgetting,  Happy Valentine's Day.


ChrisAu said...

Yes, it's been a nice and relaxing long week and too bad it's over. Now, I gotta go back to my runs and trainings after a week of makan...hahaha..

Anonymous said...

I think next year I will have the food catered too, get some Malays to do it so my Muslim friends can enjoy the food too - maybe one day only, open house, all come at one go, need to sit and wait and wait...rather tiring.

Your parents got Chinese food catered? Here, have to collect by noon. Not a good idea - cold already by evening and heating up everything again, not so nice. Maybe ok if pick dishes that can be heated up again and again, still the same.

Now, all over, girl back in her school. Gotta get ready for Chap Goh Meh dinner now.

Libby said...

The curry chicken looks so good, you rejuvenated but I find CNY tiring, have to go visiting here and there, hee hee

Libby said...

CNY Eve - Had reunion dinner with my family after that went River Ang Bao with my mom and sis

Day One - Friends and relatives came to our house for Pok Kiao (Ban Luck)

Day Two - Relaxing Day

Day Three - Went River Ang Bao with my buddy Jose again and this night there are fireworks

Day Four - Relaxing Day

Day Five - Went Chinatown eat with sis and mom, we had Fish, Hong Shao Tofu and omelette

Day Six - Went River Ang Bao again with mom, sis, her hubby and my nephew, though it was a bit chaotic but at least they manage to see the firworks

Day Seven - Ren Ri and Valentine's Day, sleep in and had a relaxing day, never go out

Libby said...


Merryn said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you and family, Rose. It has been a nice relaxing week. Had to pull myself out of the bed today to cook for Ethan. Zzzz....

Princess Ribbon said...

Good morning and Gong Xi Fa Cai to you & family. Happy Valentine's Day too.. I'm back to work today, and I feel like a newbie reporting to work on the first day.. Saw lots of food, spotted kuih lapis !!

Angeline アンゼリン said...

Oh yes, I'm really agreed that to have catering food during CNY. After so many years, I feel pity my mom need to cook so much for all of us. Tiring lor.

Somewhere in Singapore said...

CNY, good that able to meetup with relatives and friends, but also quite tiring...

Small Kucing said...

Gong Xi Fatt Chai Rose.

very active CNY wor. Saw your pics in FB. Lovely leh

lina said...

Happy new year and happy valentine's day too. :)

Sharon D said...

Wishing you a wonderful Monkey year, Rose! Happy to hear of the wonderful time you're having.

It was all sun and wind for us in Penang, and lots of seeing the relatives! ;D

Shirley Tay said...

I guess the atmosphere in SG is not as lively as compared. You play mahjong too?? Did you win some pocket money? Hahaha! xoxo

Nancy Chan said...

Looks like a very enjoyable new year for you and family. Another week of celebration to go!

mun said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy CNY to you and your family! May all of you have a smooth and good year.

Good recap of your CNY days.

trishie said...

Your CNY sounds absolutely delightful, Rose! All that food is making me water and you look lovely in the cheongsam