Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Menu #35: Steamy weekend

It was a cloudy weekend in Kuching and today is a very cold and wet Monday.  Probably the weather has been good on us so there were not much rain over the weekend.

Brought some big prawns from the MJC Pasar Tani last Thursday.  Our first time to the open market since we moved to MJC.  Hubby was on holiday that day and he accompanied me to the market.  The prawns are sold at RM40 per kilo!  We bought half kilo to steam. Very fresh and sweet. 

Besides buying some roasted pork, a carton of eggs, a pack of midin, some prawns, fishes and dried food, hubby also bought this nice pot of flower for RM12 for his office.  Cute huh?  Don't know what flower it is but according to the seller, this flower is very easy to maintain.  Just don't put directly under sun and only need to water once every 2-3 days.
Since get his bicycle fixed, hubby has been on bicycle ride every day.  Sometimes up to 2 times.  And he is enjoying his ride because he can cycle to the shops and back.  A friend who staying in MJC Mutiara also a bike lunatic so now that hubby has a bike friend, he has more motivation to ride.  Good exercise as he needs it.  His mode of transportation over the weekend was his bicycle since his car would be in workshop for quite some times. 

Have Steamed Prawns with lots of garlics for dinner on Saturday.  Super yummy with some Shao Xing wine. 

After our dinner, we brought the kids to the nearby mini fun fair.  Really mini because they have limited games such as the Ferris Wheel, Merry Go Round, Pirate Ship, Bumper Cars and many stalls of lucky dips.  RM3.00 for every games and we spent RM30 that night.  I even went for its Pirate Ship since little gal wants to go while hubby did not want to.  So I volunteered to bring her go.  It was fun and yet anxious at the same times.  Because from the look of their things, they were pretty old and I doubt is durability.  Lol!  But it was fun, although my girl closed her eyes most of the ride and mostly me the one that screamed on the ship.  Lol!

As on Sunday we spent our times in Boulevard after church.  Just get some stuff for the kitchen.  And in the evening we watched 2 DVDs at home, i.e. The A-Team starring Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper and The Wedding Diary starring Ah Niu and Elanne Kwong.  One is action movie and the latter is comedy.  Great way to end my weekend.  *wink*  So look forward to the weekend again. 

Btw, today marks our one month moving into our new home.  How time flies.  It has been a month now.  It is a very quiet neighbourhood although we heard some commotion at the back of our house.  We suspected a mother and a daughter staying in one house, just behind our house.  Almost every day we heard them quarreling.  And hubby kept asking me what are they arguing about because they speak Hakka.  Mostly on household and petty stuff so I do not understand why one of the lady kept shouting at the other to mind her own business.  Sigh!  And I noticed a lady kept looking at our window when I was cooking.  Hmm, does that describe her as a busybody??  We cannot choose our neighbour so I guess we just pray and hope everything is fine and peaceful in the neighbourhood.  *wink*


yvonne said...

I love garlic steamed prawns. But my hubb doesn't like garlic, he says it stink, hahaha!

Hayley said...

I love prawns! Just plain steamed prawns will do too~ Dipped with soy sauce and garlic, yummy~