Thursday, October 25, 2012

Healthy juicing

Bitter gourd is good in lowering high blood pressure and high sugar level so yesterday morning when I went "marketing" with my mum, I saw few mini bitter gourds on sales.  Immediately grab 5 mini bitter gourds which cost RM4.00. 

With green apples and red carrots, I made juice for hubby.  Hubby went for a blood test recently because he was feeling dizzy lately but the report turned out good.  No high blood pressure.  Anyway doctor prescribe some tablet for his dizziness and he was feeling slightly better now.

The ingredients for my vegetable and fruit juice.  Green apple, mini bitter gourd and carrot.  Chop and core the green apples, dig out the middle part of the bitter gourd and chop carrot into smaller pieces.  Chop all 3 into smaller pieces for blending purposes

Blend in the blender.  Add a bit of water or ice cubes if you like it chilled.  No sugar please!!  Doesn't it look like smoothies??

After going through sieve/extractor, the juice is ready to be drank.  Take it every morning to reduce high blood pressure and sugar level.


Hayley said...

I love bitter gourd but bitter gourd as juice? I cant imagine, hehe.
I prefer to eat it as a food ;)

Coffee Girl said...

Wud it taste the same if you use a juicer instead? i have a thing about blended fruit or vege, the fibers get in the way of my throat. lol

Rose said...

Hayley, me too. I prefer to take bitter gourd as a dish. :p

Coffee Girl, I think it works the same for juicer

Small Kucing said...

have done that before . Good combination

wenn said...

I love bitter gourd cooked with eggs. Don't think I will like its juice..

Wil Est said...

Very healhy.