Monday, October 1, 2012

In our new nest

Hi guys!  Finally I am back here.  It has been a super busy but exciting week for all of us. 

Why not??  Because we have finally moved!  To our new house!  On 29 September 2012.  A terrace intermediate house with 4 rooms.  One room as office cum multi purpose room and three bedrooms, with a small family hall on the upper floor. More space for the kids to mess around and it means three times more cleaning for me.  In my old house I only need to take care of my bedroom and bathroom, but now more spaces to be managed. 

We moved most of our stuff in our bedroom to the new house.  Only left the 2 sets of curtains which hubby will take down in few days time.  I could not believe myself that we have about 20 boxes of stuff moved to the new house.  How can we have so much stuff???  It will take times to sort and unpack them in my new home. Just 2 days in new home, I have sored arms and legs.  Must be too much climbing the staircases and unpacking.  And still more boxes to unpacked!  Sigh!

We followed the Chinese customs for moving house last Saturday.  My dad helped us with the preparation on Saturday morning.  We moved in around 8.30am (the auspicious time on that day is from  7 - 11am).  In Chinese calendar, 29 September was the 14th day of 8th Lunar Month.  A day before Mid-Autumn Festival. 
After a year of planning and renovation work (yeah, I know.  We taking our sweet times making this house perfect for us!), we are in our new home.  A little tour around my humble home.

Firecracker to welcome us to the new house

My humble house

My work place when at home.

Some of the gifts we kept for so long, are finally unwrapped!  *wink* I like this set

With tray of its own

The kids are excited and only took their nap after 4pm that day.  And they are sharing room with us for time being.  Hopefully able to make them go to sleep in a seperate room in a week or so!

Home Sweet Home!


Cynful Pleasure said...

congrats Rose on the new home!! Nice place... looks cozy!

Yan said...

Congratulations, home sweet home. Your new home is so comfortable and nice.

Small Kucing said...

what a beautiful home :)


lvynana said...

finally!, i'm sure you can't wait to get back home now.

Agnes said...

quite a big space and I like your work place at home..though I have moved into my new home last year, I haven't got one like that yet..a nice renovated kitchen..

wenn said...

congrats! nice home!

Mummy to QiQi said...

congrats on your new home :)

Libby said...

What a nice house!

Unknown said...

I agree with Agnes. You do have a big space, but it looks uncluttered. :D Our house looks so messy with all our stuff lying around. I admire how you arranged your living room area. It’s simple and neat.

- Justin Bill -

Lakisha Zimmerer said...

With kids around, it’s really a good idea to choose a spacious house! They have enough space to move and play around! I just hope you won’t have a hard time of cleaning and keeping everything in place.

-Lakisha Zimmerer

Julio Oyola said...

The first thing that caught my attention was the lights on your ceiling, how many are they? For now, your house looks tidy, everything in order, but with two little kids. I wonder what your house will look like in the coming days. Congrats!

-Julio Oyola