Monday, October 8, 2012

New to-do lists

Okay, now that we have already move to our new home, it would be no excuse for me anymore.  My to-do list would include the following:

  1. To prepare breakfast for hubby and children every day (Previously I prepared breakfast for my girl at home, and then with hubby, go out for breakfast)
  2. Try to cook dinners every night, but a day off on weekend.  Now I have more time and my own kitchen to experiment with new recipes. 
  3. Ironing the clothing. (Btw, I never like ironing and in previous house, we have an aunt to help with the housekeeping and ironing of hubby's working attires)
  4. Go to the clubhouse, utilise its gym equipment and swimming pool at least twice a week.  (But unfortunately the swimming pool has been out for few weeks now.  Wonder when they are open up again because my girl has been nagging me about swimming.)
  5. Plan a new hobby i.e gardening.  (Never have a green finger but hopefully I would be able to plant some potted plants and herbs in my backyard)
  6. Decorating my new home.  And housekeeping will be my sole responsibility.  No more cleaning aunt service since we noticed that she did a bad job in previous house.  However hubby is thinking of getting someone to come once a week to do some cleaning.  I guess he still cannot trust me to do a good cleaning around the house.  Lol!
  7. Finished up my crochet piece which I left many years ago so I can get it framed together with my other pieces in the house.
  8. Enjoying the rest of 2012 in new home with my family


eugene said...

I am sure that your new home will usher in new hopes,new joy and new bonding among the people dwelling inside,,,,

and your to do list, I am also very sure that you can achieve each and everyone of them,,,

all the best,,,and don't worry about not having green fingers, it takes some passion to do it,,, i love gardening,,,,, too

take care now ya

mNhL said...

Great to have own home.... and new home too. haha...sure got 'new home' smell.

Hayley said...

Must be very excited to stay at new home!
All the best in your new to-do-lists! ;)

wenn said...

yes, gardening should be a great hobby..

Iriene said...

Congrats! New Home, New Excitements!
I knew you will enjoy every moment of it, your to do list - very interesting and healthy too :)

Sarawak Tourism Board said...

wow crochet!

Coffee Girl said...

Yay you moved in! Congratulations! Yes now own house must start cooking. ahaha. why do i have a feeling id be like that too.