Thursday, October 18, 2012

Failed roast

My first attempt in deep frying pork belly yesterday.  Not a total disaster but I can give myself a 50% mark for my first trial.  *wink*

Marinated my pork belly with 1 tsp 5-spice powder, 1 tsp salt and dashes of white pepper on the meat and only salt on skin the night before and left it in fridge overnight before I deep frying it.  I meant to test my new grill oven yesterday but had second thought.  So I ended up deep-frying them.  I should have grilled it instead, maybe turned out better.  Lol!

So I heated enough oil for deep frying and before the oil turned hot, I threw in the marinated pork belly.  Just to avoid all those oil splatter in the kitchen.  Soon all those smoke came out from the pan.  And I turned down the heat.  I think that is where my mistake is!!  Turned the heat too soon. 

The meat turned out great.  Very flavourish, but sorry to say for the skin.  No bubbles at all, and not crispy too.  HARD instead.  :(  And when I explained to my staff (who is good in kitchen) she pointed out my mistake.  Let the oil cooked in high heat till the skin almost turned black then slow down the heat! 

As you can see, the meat is still white when I cut it into smaller cubes. Should be slightly brown.  But still, the meat was nice.  We discarded the skin and ate the meat.  Lol!  Okay, will try this recipe again. 


Hayley said...

Looks abit dark to me.. Hehe..

Nevermind, practice makes perfect! Try it again next time!

mNhL said...

With those spices, no need skin also sedap la... haha...

Do again next time.....sure succeed.

Mummy to QiQi said...

looks so good after you deep fried. I thought i read somewhere that we need to cucuk-cucuk the skin with fork? Not sure on that too, coz i have not tried making this. Always resort to buy from the market, easier :)

yvonne said...

Ya, I read about poking the skin with fork. It is supposed to make the skin crispier :)

Rose said...

I did pierce the skin and cut diagonally across the skin. It is the cooking process. I was waiting for the skin to form bubbles but nothing. Oil not hot enough. hahah!