Monday, October 15, 2012

Alone, Monday

My staff is taking Monday as her off day so I am alone in the shop on every Mondays.  Bit bored because less customers on Monday and other that usual routine, there is nothing much to do.  So I cannot wait to count the time till closing time and go home.  Lol!

I would bring along a novel to the shop on Monday and read.  I have finished reading them and I do not mind reading them again.  At least the times on Monday are ticking faster with me reading. 

Yawn!  Sleepy.  Since moved into my new home, I have to get up earlier than usual.  Preparing breakfast, get the kids ready and fighting the traffic light.  Batu Kawa is well known for its massive jam and it took us slightly longer on the road.  And it is worse on Monday morning!!! 

I would need to be extra 5 minutes earlier when I stayed in BDC otherwise I will be late reaching my girl's kindergarden. So far no complaint from my girl as most of the time we are late by 2 - 5 minutes.  Guess she knows that she is graduating from her kindergarden next month and already in a jovial mood so she does not mind being late.  *wink*

And today I bring a take-away from home.  All pork-ie as you can see.  *wink* Leftover pork rib and white radish soup from dinner and I added fried egg, some bacons and hams from this morning American-style breakfast to my simple fried rice.  I did not eat much for breakfast.  One is because I do not fancy American breakfast that much and by the time I finished cooking and cleaning, I did not have much appetite.  So I had an early lunch. Very full now!  So you know why I am complaining I was sleepy earlier.  Lol!

Nowadays I spent less time in the shop during the weekend.  I leave it to my staff.  On weekend I will stay at home, cooking and washing (like nobody's business!).   So a homemaker on the weekend and an enterpreneur on weekday. 


mNhL said...

sometimes alone is good, sometimes not. Time flies...soon will be knock off time.....

Hayley said...

Yea I agree with mNhL, sometimes alone is good too! Can do whatever you want, no one will knows... hehehe :P

Coffee Girl said...

almost a dream life, minus the traffic jams. Luncheon meat!! my fav.