Friday, October 19, 2012

Macanese Minchi

I was drooling when I read Terri's blog the other day on Macanese Minchi, a Portugese and Asian-influenced dish.  I love potatoes and minced pork, and while this recipe called for minced beef, I added both minced meat together.  The result?  Super delicious!

This recipe reminded me of Shepherd's Pie, minus the pie of course.  Very easy to prepare.  We finished up a plate of Macanese Minchi.  I ate it for dinner and supper yesterday.  I think I already gained few kgs and cholesterol.  Lol!

For complete recipe, do drop by Terri's blog from A Daily Obsession

Happy weekend guys!  More cookings to come. 


Small Kucing said...

my grany used to cook this

Hayley said...

Never heard of this before... Something new to me!

wenn said...

that looks good..