Saturday, January 3, 2009

What is best for them?

The other day, a friend was mentioned on enrolling his 4 years old boy in music class. Besides music class, he also planned to place his son in art class too. For emotional inner self development, he said.

And the kid still remember hubby when there was a time that hubby went to our friend’s house once and played his guitar. The son asked the father, where is the uncle that play guitar? Kid! They have memories that we cannot describe.

It is good if the kid enjoy the music and art, so it does develop the artistic part of him. But what if he does not? Most parents start to get their children to go for swimming, music, art and dancing class when they were young as children learn faster when they were young. And they enjoy those activities too.

Hubby and myself have planned on enrolling little gal in music (probably piano) or dancing class. Maybe the “kiasu” part of being parents, we always want the best for our kids. It is even true when we don’t have such privilege when we were kids. So, it is to the kids that we putting hopes and dreams, dont you think so? However, after seeing few grown up kids of our friends who been going to this and that classes, we finally decide not to pursue such thinking. Those kids hardly have time to play or breath. Not to mention the tuition and extra curriculum in schools. Even going to extra tuitions, test results do not turn out better, but lower than those not going to tuitions!!

We shall leave everything to our children. Let he or he decides what he or her wants and likes. If she likes drawing, then enroll in art class. If dancing, then dancing class. Better not to force your kids by getting them to do the things they have no interest right??

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spymama said...

yes, expose them to it and let them enjoy and pick what they like.