Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Here come the bull!!

Just got back from my office's year end party. No year end party for me! Just me and little gal at home, having some peace and quiet time at home, doing the things we like most! Lol! Not even nearing 12 midnight, but I could heard some fireworks outside. Today is the last day of 2008. In about 3 hours we are welcoming the new year of 2009! So, what would I or rather my family be expecting for the new year?

Little gal will be starting her schooling next week and how excited we are for her. I don’t know about her, but at least she knows that she is going to school soon. We collected her books and uniforms on Tuesday. Bought her new shoes and bigger bag for her stuff, so she can carry her snack box, books and stationery in it. Mummy and daddy sure proud of their little gal! *wink*

We will be expecting something new next year, but I would not spill the beans out yet! Shall update you guys as we go along 2009. Work wise, I hope to be confirmed by February as by then, it will be my 6th month with the company. Yes, I have been with the company for 4 months now and how time passes!! I started to enjoy my work regardless of the longer hour and demanding manager.

Bought a retirement plan early this month. I know, retirement seem like a long way for me, but it is planning for the future. Every month, I would be chipping out RM150 for the plan, and by the time I retire, I shall enjoy a fixed incomes for the next 15 years. I don’t save much nowadays, so this retirement plan is treated like a part of saving to me!!

CNY is less than a month to come and there is not much festive mood among us although everywhere you go, CNY songs and decorations have put up. We would be going back to Kapit for the CNY next year. I cannot take longer leave so shall be leaving for Kapit on 21 January and coming back to Kuching on 27 January. Know what I miss? MIL’s cooking! Hahahah! Especially her Foochow mee sua on the 1st day of CNY.

Nevertheless I shall leave my appetite when the time comes as it is less than 4 weeks before CNY. Till then, wishing everyone a Happy 2009!!!


Nessa said...

Hi Rose!

Wishing you a wonderful new year of the Bull! :)

pearly said...

hi dear : Happy New year to You and your family.
woo your Little one will be very excited to go to skol .yeah the first day when you look at your kids in skol uniform your heart feel so proud.

I can feel is a very good news for 2009 ......BB on it way my dear ?take it easy ok xxxxxxxxx