Saturday, January 17, 2009

It is another day

Hubby commenting that I am getting grumpy every day especially early in the morning. I usually get cranky when I am in the rush or hungry, so either both, hubby will get it from me.

I do feel sorry after each incidents, I knew I am at fault and hubby has been very patient with me. I know I shouldn’t be ill-tempered but I cannot help it. Sometimes it feels good to let out than keeping things in, don’t you think? Anyway I learnt a new relaxing method to calm myself down. Everytime I am tense or getting cranky, I will go to a quiet place, breathe in deeply for 1 minute and leaving my mind blank. If I still feel down, I will repeat the step again.

Work is very stressful, boss been breathing hardly on us especially me since I have yet to confirm. Now I having doubt whether I would be able to get confirm by end of next month or not, judging from the poor performance that I and other team has!!

Some more with working for 2 more days next week, I would not be able to pull out on good rate for this month! Oh boy! Just yesterday, we received an email from regional manager saying that there is only 9 working days left this month. Gosh! Never knew January is that short and coming to the end that soon.

So you see, my mind would not be really much on Chinese New Year but I have to make up for the sake of little gal. She looks forward to spending time in Kapit. Now she is almost 3, she is asking us to buy fireworks for her to play. I think her grandparents have bought a lot for her. Did not buy many goodies this year, just getting some order on minced pork (bak poh) and pineapple roll (my favourite) from my colleagues. Some more my parents are giving us some pineapple rolls, roasted peanuts, pistachios, Chinese mushrooms and fried anchovies for my PIL for CNY. Oh boy, I cannot imagine how much we need to carry back to Kapit next week!


Mama Tatana said...

Hi Rose,

Cheer up!. I hope things will get better and you´ll enjoy your CNY celebration soon!.

Thanks for dropping by at my blog!.

Have a nice day

Hazel said...

oo, don't be too sad. everything will be fine.good luck