Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Time always fly fast when we are having a holiday

It has been a week since my last post. Just feel like yesterday when we board the airplane to Sibu then express to Kapit. Thank god the weather was good last Wednesday when we boarded the express, which too us more 3 hours to reach Kapit due to transit in Song. We watched “Ip Man” movie in the express, so that is how we passed our time in it, although we watched it before.
waiting for taxi in Sibu airport

Little gal was restless in the express, running around, talking to other passengers and singing and talking by herself. At least she managed to take 1 hour nap after spending almost 2 hours in the express.
Cannot sit quietly in the express

Kapit greeted us with sun when we reached there around 5pm on Wednesday. It has been raining for a week there prior to our arrival. So it is blessing as river tide can be rough when it rains. However the weather was crazy during our stay as we have rain and sun every alternate days.

We spent our CNY holiday by eating, sleeping and watching dvd. Yeah, that is our holiday there. *wink* Every day I woke up late, after 8am and have my afternoon nap. What’s more, little gal was sleeping at her grandparents’ room, so I was spared from taking care of her at night and in the morning. I think my body has not yet adjusted to my normal clock. Lol!
Cantonese drama series, we finished the whole dvd in 4 nights!!

I developed rashes last Thursday. At first we suspected due to the change of environment or dust, but after a while, I suspected it must be the antibiotic that I took for my sore throat. Luckily after suffering the allergy and itchiness for almost 1 whole day, it subsided the next day.

Our reunion dinner on Sunday was great, with dishes such as deep-fried spiced pork leg, braised sea cucumber, shark fin cooked with egg, mixed vegetables with abalone, yam basket and so forth. Sorry, no photographs to show here as the photographs are in my SIL’s camera. SIL is still in Kapit and would not be back till next Monday.

As for fireworks and firecrackers, not a single sound heard during the midnight on the Eve in our place, although hubby’s friends said the town centre was filled with smoke and sound, irregardless of the heavy rain that night. Little gal managed to play fireworks for 2 consecutive nights and she injured her big toe. Just a small tear, due to catching fire from the firework.

Yesterday, hubby and myself developed stomachaches and we have to endure the pain along the express. The condition of the toilet in the express would turn you off and you wouldn’t want to go in there at all! Lol! Luckily I managed to hold the pain till reached Sibu wharf. We took an early express yesterday morning, i.e. 730am. Immediately after touching the Sibu land, i.e. before 10am, I hurriedly visited the public toilet. After the toilet drama, we walked to hubby's grandparents' house which is about 5 minutes walk from the wharf. We stayed there for almost 4 hours before a cousin sent us off to airport around 2pm for our flight at 4pm. Some roads and houses were flooded in Sibu as heavy rain the night before. It is a normal sight there when there is a heavy downpour. We were concerned on the traffic and flooded roads, so we decided to leave early for the airport. Luckily no delay in our flight, we reached Kuching at approximately 4.35pm.

This is a road we were passing through in Sibu, not a stream or anything!!

After dinner at my parents’ house and collected our cars, we went home. Took me about 1 hour plus to clean up the room and ready everything in order. Only managed to unpack our luggage this evening. Last night, all 3 of us were too tired to do much about the luggage. We have early sleep around 9am. How I wish I took a day off today, as I hardly can wake up although I turn on the alarm clock.

The office was quiet today, not many walk in customers. We have a lion dance to start off the Year of Ox in the office. Some colleagues even pull the lion’s head hair as symbol of luck. I don’t know, never pull any and never thought of trying it out. *wink* Hmm, what ever I hope that this year would be a good year for everyone. Alright guys, got to stop here, time to get my little gal to bed as she is pulling my sleeves. She has been following her baby sitter for CNY visiting, so I think she is tired and dozing off behind me. Catching up the next round!

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Uncle Lee said...

Hello Rose, I enjoyed reading your this posting. Glad to read you all had a fabulous CNY.
Oh ya, kong hei fatt choy to you and family.

You keep well and wishing you the best of this Ox year, Lee.