Monday, January 19, 2009

What a Monday!

It is another Monday, the usual Monday blue hit me hard on the face! Maybe because of 2 days of waking up late, so my body alarm clock deserted me this morning! Even little gal did not wake me up at her usual morning time. Since started her school, she seldom woke up at 6.30am. And some more, she is sleeping very late at night, sometime up to 11pm, while her poor mother lying on her bed!! Lol!

Back to my Monday, office routine started as usual with morning meeting with the team. Got “spanking” from manager as the team is failing again for 2nd consecutive week! Not a good start for January. Manager is stressing out to us to push more sales figure, must do this and do that, do not delay, do it now and do it everyday! Bla bla bla. So after the meeting, everyone went back to their own desk and do what the manager said. Calling, follow up on sales and asking for more referrals! Not very easy for this time of the year when everyone is in the mood of holiday. When ever you ask customer for more sales, they will say “wait after Chinese New Year lah”. Okay, meaning I will have to bug them again after that.

After unfruitful morning, I went to withdraw money from bank during lunch break. Oh dear! The queue was so long, that I cannot wait for my turn. Imagine my number was 1235, while the number displayed on board was merely 1187?? So will try my luck again tomorrow. Hubby is on leave tomorrow, maybe get him to get number from me first, then I join him in the bank.

Remembering when I was young, I accompanied my dad to bank to change smaller notes for ang pow at the bank teller. And after CNY, when we have our ang pow, we will rush to the bank to bank in the ang pow monies. Those were the days when I receiving red packets, instead of now me have to give them out to children.

Wanting a quick lunch, I decided to go to the fastest mode i.e. fast food. Craving for fried chicken for many days and my throat is getting better, so I stop by at KFC chain for its ever famous finger licking good meal. Original fried chicken has always been my favourite. But oh boy! Am I disappointed. Maybe times really change everything. Chicken is getting thinner and smaller. The portion is just nice for me, but I do not feel the satisfaction in eating them. How I love visiting KFC when I was a kid and indulge in their fried chicken then. Get what I mean?? Maybe the portion does make a difference here??

Since December, I have a feeling that my money is starting to pour away easily from me. Have been spending so much for Christmas presents and now this month on CNY ang pow. Oh dear, got to start to tighten my budget from next month onward. Thinking of little gal’s school fees which is payable early March make me having headache. Luckily hubby having his bonuses out end of this month. Otherwise I think I will start to eat more instant noodles at home every night. *wink* Even instant noodles are not that cheap anymore. Nothing is cheap now. Alright, enough complaining from me. All those work and money, giving me more headache. Sigh!


JenJen's Place said...

Everything is so expensive now ler ..

Nessa said...

Yeah, the portions are smaller. It's like eating spring chicken... but their price keep increasing. I used to frequent these fast food places once a week, now it's only once a month. Soon, probably once a year!

Nick Phillips said...

Now you've got me cravings for KFC ... LOL!