Monday, January 5, 2009

Photo taking with my girl

It is always hard to get my little daughter’s attention. She will either act she did not hear you or moving away from you. Sigh! She is getting naughtier and misbehaves as the day passes.

We would never have a good photo shot with her looking straight into the camera. However she still loves to take photos and pose for you when you ask her to. Once you click the camera, she will say “okay”, sounding like “that’s it” and go about her own thing.

It is hard to take photograph of her. So I stop trying to get her pose for me. Just let it be, everything in candid. Sometimes candid photos can turn out to be good than the posed one. You tend to take the “childish” part of young kids with candid. They are mean to be energetic and mischievous so cannot expect them to behave in front of camera, right?

Now the digital camera is turning into her toy. When ever she has chance to grab it, she will go around shooting what ever she wants with the camera. Well, whose know, she may develop an interest in photography?? *wink*

Today is her 1st day in pre-school. I still couldn’t believe that my little gal is finally going to soon. Gosh! By the time I blink my eyes, maybe she is going to primary school then! Lol!

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Constance Chan said...

digicams are getting cheaper! even drugstores are selling a samsung 8.1 megapixel cam at only $149... my little girl wants that but i'm letting her use my old 2.5 megapix digicam that i bought at a sale at 299. *rolls eyes!*

Hazel said...

wow, she is so smart hah..if our children growing bigger, that's mean we are getting older

Lovely Mummy said...

same with me, hardly to get my kid, my kid even use his toy as camera to snap photos with us.

Nick Phillips said...

Candid shots are always the best :D