Monday, January 12, 2009

Rain, rain, go away

Everywhere is water. River overflow and roads are flooded with water after many days of non stop rain in Kuching. It did stop this afternoon (thank god for that) otherwise we would be expecting the worst. Some streets along the Sarawak River are caught in water, not to mention the shops along the riverbank. Sarawak River is really swelled with water and if rain again tonight or tomorrow, high tide is expecting and city area will be flooded soon.

Last night, me and family have a tour around the city, checking out on the flood condition. Non of us in the state emergency unit checking on the flooded area, mind you. Lol! Just that we were curious and betting on which area would be flooded this year. It is really worse than previous years. We also check out on our new housing area. Yes! A good time to check out whether it will flood at such time and condition. Turn out my new housing area would not be flooded but the main road leading to the area would. The other side of the road that used to be pineapple farm is turning into a fishing pond, hardly can see the grass anymore!! If it does flood, not much to be worry about as the area is a town by itself, so we would not deprived of food, supply etc. Just that we concern on going down to city and so forth.

This morning when I arrived my office, I was expecting bad news when I saw all my colleagues waiting outside the office. Turned out that the person holding the key was not in yet. Reason? Caught in traffic jam due to rain along the roads at Petra Jaya and Satok area.

Hubby is not home yet, he was caught in traffic jam and also school time too. Called him up, he said he is enjoying fried kuay tiaw with clam at the city area. Geez!! Today I was home early, reached home around 615pm. Luckily not that jam, although did encountered some flooded roads but the journey was smooth throughout. Just pray no more rain as my laundy is pilling (considering sending to laundry) and not many dry clothing to wear. Quoting little gal's song when it rained "Rain, rain, go away; Come again another day!"

And little gal was sick too. Running nose and coughing. Gosh! Did not bring her to school today, don’t want her to spread the cold virus to other children. Luckily she is much better. Judging from her nagging me to go shopping I think she is doing fine. Lol! Cold weather sure make me sleepy and lazy. I kept drinking hot Milo and tea in office today, to keep myself warm. I hope I would not get sick too. Cannot remember when the last time I get sick!


Dav DiDi said...

Wahhhh ... now very easy to get sick oh ... must watch out of what we eat too ..

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lvynana said...

so ur new house in MJC issit?

Jas said...

lol... we have same song in our blog... guess only that song suit most for current situation... ^^ don worry... u not alone... sick as well here... sigh...