Friday, October 5, 2018

Sisters bonding over food

My younger sister is currently on a maternity leave. The boss is so kind to give her a one month paid leave for her to recuperate at home on doctor's advice. And starting this month, she would be on leave till she delivers. Yes, she has a bun in the oven. Almost 3 months now.

It has been a while since I seen my sister (although we are texting each other almost every day). So not so long ago, I asked her to get together and have a little sister time. It was the start of the UPSR and Jay wasn't in school, so both of us went to pick my baby sister from her in law's house.

Then we went to this coffee shop for breakfast. My sis hasn't been here before so it was a good opportunity to check the place out with her. I thought sisters bonding over food is such a good ecstasy but we rarely do  that nowadays. We used to go out a lot during our younger time, hunting for food and shopping. Food definitely is our common interest.

Joo Seng Cafe in Batu Lintang (opposite of Wisma Saberkas) was busy as ever that morning. Mostly working class enjoyed their breakfast but. Thankfully, we were able to find a vacant table in the cramped coffee shop. The only table available for three of us so better don't be choosy at that time. We shared table with a group of Malay ladies.

Here, we have everyone share tables and eat whatever you want to, may it be halal or non-halal. The only non-halal stall is the kolo mee stall.

RM3.80 kolo mee

My boy had the kolo mee, which was his usual breakfast on weekend.

RM5.00 chicken rice

As for my sis, she ordered the chicken rice from the Malay stall. Very nice, fragrant rice. And their drippings were nice as well.

Fried chicken

Generous serving of fried chicken. And all for just RM5.


I ordered mee jawa from the same stall. I think they forgot my order so I had to remind one of the workers on my food. Luckily the food was worth the waiting.

Mee Jawa

Big serving of noodle with fried chicken and some slices of puffed tofu and egg. I liked the gravy, very creamy and rich. I did enjoyed it very much.

Butter and kaya toast

And of course one must try its famous butter & kaya toast when eat here. So two slices of toast for sharing.

It was a nice breakfast with my boy and sister in Joo Seng Cafe amidst the crowd. After that, we went back to my house for a chat and tv before it was time to pick my girl from school and lunch.

For lunch, we went to 38 Food Street and I tried the new stall. Western food from 1+1 Kitchen. I had mushroom sauce chicken chop rice for RM7.

Looked good, right? Served on a lovely plate, I thought it was worth the price.

The mushroom sauce was nice, not too strong. Just nice to soak over the chicken and yet didn't overly wet the fried chicken chop that made it too soft and mushy.

After lunch, I dropped the kids home before my sister and I had a short walk in the pasar tani. We bought some roasted pork home. Then I sent her home.

A wonderful and relaxing sister time with her in the morning that day. And wishing to be able to do it more often with her. For now, she needs to take care of herself; wish her a smooth journey to motherhood.


Nancy Chan said...

This post is making me hungry just by looking at the kolo mee, mee jawa and chicken chop rice! One of the great way to bond with your sister is through the stomach. Feeling happy for your sister.

suituapui said...

I only know Joo Seng for the kaya toast though I have never been there.

mun said...

Good that you made time to catch up with your sister! :)

lina said...

What a lovely get together.

Congrats to your sister

Somewhere in Singapore said...

Nice bonding time with your sister...

Merryn said...

Such a lovely time spent with your baby sister. Congratulations to her and may she have a smooth pregnancy and delivery.

Emily T said...

I wish I have a sister too
such a lovely bonding time together

Libby said...

Congrats to your sis.

Nice quality time spent catching up with your sis.

Libby said...

The price of RM7 for the Chicken Chop rice set is so cheap, with chicken chop, rice, fries and coleslaw, we cannot find that kind of price in SG

Phong Hong said...

How wonderful! Me and brother always bond over food too LOL!

Sharon D said...

My tummy is growling just looking at all the food you guys ordered. Yum stuff. Food is such a great excuse to meet up. How nice to catch up with your sisters this way. ^.^

Twilight Man said...

You are such a caring big sister. I am blessed that my big sister is very caring too and often sends her cooking over in pots and containers!