Friday, April 13, 2018

We see, we eat

There is this old coffee shop in Batu Lintang (near traffic light) that I have never been to. All my 40+ years, I have never stepped into this coffee shop, but yet heard many good reviews on its coffee and roti kahwin (buttered bread).

From Google

Joo Seng Cafe in Batu Lintang has been there for many eon years. The elders would tell you that it serves the best 'kopi o' in Kuching.

To cut my story short, one Saturday we stopped by at the traffic light and hubby asked about the shop. Amazingly, neither I nor him even go or suggested to go there.  I told him, someday we must visit and have breakfast there. And then, few days later, I saw a review on its food in newspaper. The pictures of the poached egg and roti kahwin attracted me.

My dad's clerk wanted to go there that afternoon after reading the review and since I needed to buy lunch for myself and kids, both of us went there in my car. Parking was a pain in the vicinity, so the clerk went to order while I drove in a circle for parking. After 4th round, I managed to squeeze into a parking space. So I walked over to find my friend in the coffee shop. It was not even 12 noon but the place was packed with diners and hardly any vacant tables around. And most of them sharing tables to enjoy their food as not many tables in such small space.

It took quite sometime for our order to be done but while waiting, I tasted its acclaimed roti kahwin. And wow! Really so, so good. So buttery and crispy. I loved it. All I tasted was the fragrant butter spread in my mouth!

RM1.60 per piece

And my takeaway lunch was fried mee hoon from the Malay stall at the back of the shop. 

The newspaper article had the picture of the mee hoon goreng with fried chicken so we wanted to try it out. Around RM6 I think since my friend paid for the lunch. Taste-wise it was alright. The fried chicken was tender. Nothing to shout about.

 Next time I must go there for breakfast and try its brewed drink. I bet my kids would enjoy its roti kahwin as I do.


  1. I love to eat Roti Kahwin with best Kopi-O. I must bookmark this place for my next visit.

    I always remember that many popular areas in Kuching have little or no parking space at all. We had to walk very long distance to enjoy good makan.

  2. If I heard of read of good reviews, if the place is not far from my place, I will go and racky the place...

  3. I want to try the roti kawin!

  4. The roti kawin and teh tarik peng are special there.

  5. Been around like forever and you've never been there? Used to have a bar, not very respectable one, around there - closed down already - when I was in the college close by, we called it BSB, short for Blue Sky Bar.

    1. I know that bar. Next row. Yes. Closed many years now. Oh. So you been there? ;)

  6. Some mornings when I am bored with noodles, I will order roti kahwin with unsweetened black coffee!

  7. I must say "old is gold" . thanks for your interesting review.

  8. I have not eaten roti kahwin if I remember correctly. Sounds so delicious, I must try it if I get the chance in the future.

  9. I like your post title hah..hah...

  10. I would like to try that roti kahwin, I like my toasted bread with cold butter, yum yum

  11. So the roti kahwin is a must try.

  12. Omgosh, that roti looks to die for. If only we lived nearby, I will join you!