Tuesday, September 19, 2017

From the market

When public holiday falls on either Thursday or Friday, I would usually ask hubby to go to the weekly pasar tani in MJC. And that was what happened when we had a 5-days long holiday which includes Thursday and Friday as well.

We went to the pasar tani on Thursday, spending a good 30 minutes scouting and buying stuff. We got some vegetables, fishes, parsley plants and snacks. 

The market was packed with people. It was a holiday so it was as expected. But what was more awesome was there were many stalls than before. Some new stalls that I have never seen before. So, the next day, we went back for our 2nd round.

The kids love the yue tiaw as well as the cucur sayur (vegetable fritters) that we bought the day before, so we were going back to the same stalls for them.
Cucur sayur

However as it was Hari Raya Haji, few Malay stalls were not opened and one of them was the cucur stall. So another day for that.

Some snapshots of what we could find in the market.

We bought mostly fried snacks home that afternoon. There went my diet!!

Yue tiaw and apam balik

Fried mushrooms

Keropok lekor


I like cherries the most. Refreshing to wash away the oiliness after eating some much fried stuff. And made me missed Europe too. ^^


  1. I love going to the market but I like going very early around 7 and that is the time when I do my gardening before the weather gets hot, so I seldom go now.

    I dropped by the Sunday Market that day, so crowded, so interesting but it was raining so I left quickly - one of these days, I'll go again and take photos and blog about it.

  2. I love walking around the market as it is interesting to see the many goods on sale. But I hardly go since it is not convenient.

  3. That is indeed lots of fried stuffs there but I love them all. And yes, cherries are BEST after all the oily indulgence.

  4. Fun to walk around the market and discover new stalls.

  5. Hee, heee... I always maintain that deep-frying something is a sure way to get kids (or my husband ;-) to eat it - including veggies.

  6. It has been a long while since I go pasar pagi or malam.. sure will end up buying stuff like these to eat... but cherries? Yummmssss! Season is going to be over...

  7. You sure got lots of stuff from the market! :)

  8. I too love walking around markets. And I will buy the cherries!

  9. Yummy! Fried food's always tasty...but disastrous for the diet....heheheh! But we can indulge once in a while.After all,life's meant to be enjoyed, right?

  10. I love walking around markets too, Rose. Good haul! ^.^

  11. I like vegetable fritters and those fish looked very fresh too